Rusta och matcha

Need extra support to find a job? With our service Prepare and Match you receive the support you need. You pick a provider you would like support from and are then assigned a personal supervisor to help you. The aim is for you to find a job or start school as soon as possible.


How to choose

In Prepare and Match you choose your own provider. Choose the one which best suits you. (Only in Swedish).


For whom

Prepare and Match is for those who can work, but need some extra support to find a job or start their studies. With the support of a supervisor from one of our providers, you can participate in individually tailored activities that help you reach your goal faster: a job or education. It can be contacts with employers, support in your job search, information and education opportunities, as well as guidance. If you are new in Sweden you can participate in Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) during the service period.

You can also receive support such as internships, occupational assessment or validation if we find cause for such. You have individual development meetings with your supervisor, at least once every two weeks.

If you do not speak Swedish you can get support in your own language.

Today, the service is available in 32 municipalities. If you do not live in one of these municipalities you may be eligible for the service Stöd och matchning Support and Matching instead.

You have to live in one of the following municipalities

  • Arboga
  • Bjurholm
  • Färgelanda
  • Grästorp
  • Götene
  • Hallstahammar
  • Högsby
  • Karlshamn
  • Karlskrona
  • Kungsör
  • Köping
  • Lidköping
  • Lysekil
  • Mellerud
  • Munkedal
  • Mönsterås
  • Nordmaling
  • Olofström
  • Oskarshamn
  • Robertsfors
  • Ronneby
  • Sala
  • Sotenäs
  • Surahammar
  • Trollhättan
  • Uddevalla
  • Umeå
  • Vara
  • Vindeln
  • Vänersborg
  • Vännäs
  • Västerås

How it works

  • We are the ones who assess if the service Prepare and Match is an appropriate service for you. Here's how we make our assessment.
  • You participate in the service for six months, then we evaluate how things have progressed. If necessary, you may participate for another six months, for a total of 12 months.
  • You choose which provider you want. You can search for providers in your city here on the website. You will also find information on their methodology as well as their language and business knowledge.
  • Let us know which provider you have chosen when you have your appointment with us. We also need the so called KA number, which you will find below the provider’s name.
  • A supervisor with a provider will contract you ahead of your first meeting. Together you develop an individual development plan for how to get a job or start your studies faster.
  • If you are unwilling or unable to pick a service provider, we use a so-called no-selection option. In this case you will receive support from the provider operating closest to where you live.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the help you are receiving you can switch providers. Contact us if you want to switch.

Financial support

You can receive support through activity support, development allowance, and establishment supplement when participating in the service.


You are covered by personal injury and group life insurance when participating in Prepare and Match If you choose to participate remotely, its advisable that you have a private accident insurance as you are not assured compensation from the governmental insurance when participating at a distance.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions about Prepare and Match.

Q&A (Only in Swedish).

How to take the next step

Contact us

Prepare yourself to explain why the support could increase your job opportunities.


We review your situation together. An employment officer assesses whether the support is a good way to increase your job opportunities.


What support we can offer you depends on what your situation looks like. Who is entitled to any kind of support is ultimately regulated by the government.