Rusta och matcha

In order to participate in Prepare and Match you first need to be referred by Arbetsförmedlingen. In Prepare and Match you choose the provider that you think is most appropriate in order to support you into work or training fastest. Once you have chosen a provider you will get your own supervisor who will help you on your path to employment.


How to choose (in Swedish)

In Prepare and Match you choose a provider that supports you. Make a choice that suits your needs.

For whom

Prepare and Match is a support for those who have been registered with Arbetsförmedlingen for a long time and/or participate in one of the programmes:

Job and Development Programme

Youth Job Programme

Integration programme


In Prepare and Match you are offered support by our providers and you choose which provider you want to have. Once you have chosen a provider you receive help from a supervisor at that provider. The supervisor produces individually tailored activities that will help you find work or training more quickly. You have individual development meetings with your supervisor at least once every other week.

The provider is able, within the existing framework, to design support and activities on the basis of your individual needs and prerequisites. This might involve contact with employers, finding and applying for jobs, information about training opportunities and guidance. You can also utilise support such as job experience, vocational skills assessment or validation, if we deem this to be justified. Prepare and Match can be combined with SFI studies. If you do not speak Swedish, you can receive support in your own language in certain aspects of these activities.

How it works

1. Arbetsförmedlingen assesses whether Prepare and Match is right for you

In the follow-up conversation with us, Arbetsförmedlingen makes an assessment of whether Prepare and Match is applicable for you. We are helped in this assessment by a statistical assessment support tool. If you are referred to Prepare and Match during the conversation, you need to tell us which provider you want within five working days.

How we make our assessment

2. You choose which Prepare and Match provider you want

Choose the provider that suits your needs. You can search for the provider’s specific expertise and information about which providers there are in your location, language, industry and what contacts they have with employers.

Search for providers (in Swedish)

Once you have chosen a provider you need to contact us and notify us of the KA number of the provider you have chosen. The KA number can be found under the provider’s name in Search for providers. Instead of contacting us, you can also let us know your choice using My pages.

If you cannot or do not want to choose a provider, we use a default option. If this is application, you receive support from the provider that is closest to where you live.

The provider’s rating makes your choice easier

The Prepare and Match providers are rated on a four-point scale. The providers that receive the highest score from Arbetsförmedlingen – i.e. achieve the best results in helping participants into work or studies – are given four stars.

We update the providers’ ratings continuously. Please note that providers who do not have a score may be new or have not had a sufficient number of participants during the period in which we performed the measurement. This means that they may have good results but have not yet been rated.

3. Once you have chosen a provider and informed us of your choice

A supervisor from the Prepare and Match provider contacts you to arrange an initial meeting. Together you develop an individual development plan for how you can get closer to finding a job or starting education most quickly.

You participate in Prepare and Match for six months and then we evaluate the results. If needed, you can participate for a further six months, which makes it a total of twelve months.

If you are not happy with the help you receive, you can change provider. Contact us at Arbetsförmedlingen if you want to change.

The Prepare and Match service includes sign language interpreters and speech-to-text interpreting.

Compensation and conditions

When utilising this support, you participate in a programme and are able to apply to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency for compensation. We tell you here about how to apply for compensation and what applies when you are registered with Arbetsförmedlingen and participating in one of our programmes.

When participating in a programme

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about Prepare and Match.

Qustions and answers (in Swedish)