Rusta och matcha

Prepare and Match (Rusta och matcha) is a support programme for those who have been registered with Arbetsförmedlingen for a long time. In Prepare and Match, you can choose the provider that you think is most appropriate in order to support you into work or training quickly. Once you have chosen a provider you will get your own supervisor who will help you on your path to employment.

What is Prepare and Match?

In Prepare and Match, you are offered support on the way to a job or education and training from one of our providers. You choose which supplier you want. Once you have chosen a provider, you will receive help from a supervisor at that provider.

You will get a supervisor from the provider you have chosen. The supervisor produces activities that will help you find work or training more quickly. Every 14 days, you will have an individual meeting with your supervisor and at least every four weeks, you will have a physical meeting at the provider.

The provider gives you support and activities that are based on your needs and circumstances. This might involve contact with employers, finding and applying for jobs, information about education and training and guidance.

Prepare and Match can be combined with SFI studies.

If you do not speak Swedish, you can receive support in your own language for certain aspects of your activities.

Information for people about to take part in Prepare and Match (subtitles in English)


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Here you can find out what the support involves and what conditions apply.

Who can get Prepare and Match?

Prepare and Match is a support programme for those who have been registered with Arbetsförmedlingen for a long time. To participate in Prepare and Match, you must meet certain requirements and participate in the placement efforts (förmedlingsinsatser). Arbetsförmedlingen decides whether you will be referred to the placement efforts programme.

You can read about the requirements for taking part in the placement efforts here:

Placement efforts

Benefit and conditions

When you receive this support, you are taking part in a programme. You can then apply for benefit from Försäkringskassan. Here, you will find out more about how to apply for the benefit and what rules apply when you take part in one of our programmes.

When you take part in a programme

How it works

1. We assess whether Prepare and Match is right for you

In a follow-up conversation with us, we assess whether Prepare and Match is relevant for you. We are helped in this assessment by a statistical assessment support tool. If you are referred to Prepare and Match during the conversation, you will need to tell us which supplier you want within five working days.

How we make our assessment

2. You choose a provider and advise us of your choice

Choose the provider that suits your needs. You can search for what specific expertise providers have and get information about the providers in your area, language, industry and their contacts with employers.

Once you have decided which provider you wish to have, you will need to notify us of your choice. You can do this on My Pages or by contacting us. If you contact us, you must tell us the KA number of your chosen provider. The KA number can be found under the provider's name in Search for providers.

If you are unable to or do not wish to choose a provider yourself, we will appoint the provider that operates closest to where you live.

3. Once you have chosen a provider

A supervisor from the provider will contact you to arrange an initial meeting. Together you will develop an individual programme for how you can most quickly get closer to finding a job or starting education.

You participate in Prepare and Match for six months and then we evaluate the results. If we at Arbetsförmedlingen consider that you need more time in Prepare and Match, you may be eligible for a further period.

If you are not satisfied with your supplier, you can change. Contact the Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen).

The Prepare and Match service includes sign language interpreters, language support and speech-to-text interpreting.

Frequently asked questions

If you are unhappy with your chosen supplier, you should talk to someone at the supplier first. For example, you could approach the training manager or another responsible manager. You can talk to other participants, to try to influence things together.

If you have talked to the supplier but are still unhappy about how the service works, you can send information about the shortcomings to the agency.

Submit feedback about suppliers (in Swedish)

It is very important that you attend meetings and do what you and the supervisor have agreed on. If you do not participate, you can receive a warning, lose benefit for one or more days or lose your place in the programme.

In Prepare and Match, the providers receive payment if you get a job or a training place. For this reason, the provider must receive a certificate that shows you have a job. Ask your employer to write you a certificate that you can then send to the provider.

Yes, the provider can provide language support while you are taking part.

Yes, this could apply, for example, if you are on part-time parental leave or participating part time in another support via Arbetsförmedlingen. You can also participate in Prepare and Match if you are studying SFI part-time.

After we have made a decision about prepare and match (rusta och matcha), we will have access to your plans and can see your last two activity reports (aktivitetsrapport).

Some parts of Prepare and Match always take place on-site, so if you move, you will need to contact us ahead of time to change provider.