Placement efforts are a programme for those who need support in finding a job or starting studies. A supervisor from one of our suppliers will be your support. You will plan what activities are best for you together.

What are placement efforts?

Placement efforts are a programme in which you participate in activities designed for your needs. The activities will be with a supplier that we have procured. It is Arbetsförmedlingen that decides whether placement efforts are right for you. We are helped in this assessment by a statistical assessment support tool.

How we make our assessment

Who can take part in placement efforts?

To take part in placement efforts, you must be registered as a jobseeker with Arbetsförmedlingen, aged at least 25 and full-time unemployed. Those who are not yet 25 but have a disability, have taken part in introduction activities for certain new arrivals, are aged at least 18 and have been unemployed for a long time can also take part.

You can also take part in placement efforts if you are taking part in a job guarantee programme for young persons, a job and development programme or an integration programme. In such cases, you do not have to be 25 or full-time unemployed.

How it works

Once you have received a decision about placement efforts, you will be enrolled in a support programme called Prepare and Match (Rusta och matcha). You will receive help from one of our suppliers in Prepare and Match. First, you choose which supplier you want. Once you have chosen a supplier, you will work together to plan which activities will help you find a job or a place in education and training more quickly. If you are not happy with the help you receive from the supplier you have chosen, you can choose another one. Contact us if you wish to change supplier.

Prepare and Match

How long do placement efforts go on?

Placement efforts are normally full time and for six months. If needed, you can participate for a further six months, which makes it a total of twelve months. In some cases, you can participate part time, for example, if you are on parental leave or have some other obstacle that has been approved.

Benefit and conditions

When you receive this support, you are taking part in a programme. You can then apply for benefit from Försäkringskassan. Here, you will find out more about how to apply for the benefit and what rules apply when you take part in one of our programmes.

When you take part in a programme