Support if you have a disability or bad health

If you have a disability, diagnosis, illness or another difficulty, you can get extra help from us at your workplace or when looking for a job. Here, we have gathered together the various kinds of support that you can get if you have a disability or ill health.

Arbetsintegrerande övningsplatser

When you need help entering the labor market. At the same time, you become an extra resource for an employer in welfare, the public sector, cultural sector or non-profit sector.

Arbetsmarknadsutbildning för personer med synnedsättning

If you have a visual impairment or are partially sighted, taking adapted education or training, tailored to your individual needs and circumstances, may be a way in to the labour market.

Bidrag för personligt biträde

You can get support and help from a person at your workplace if you have reduced working capacity due to a disability. Your employer will then receive a grant to allocate staff for this.

Bidrag till hjälpmedel på arbetsplatsen

You can get a contribution for aids and facilities so that you can do your job. Your employer can also receive a contribution for aids and facilities or adaptation of your workplace.


Employment service interventions are a programme for those who need support in finding a job or starting studies. A supervisor from one of our suppliers will be your support.

Individuellt pedagogiskt stöd vid utbildning

You can get pedagogical support, as well as related aids and facilities, when you participate in some of our training and education programmes.


If you have reduced working capacity due to a disability, you can get a job that is tailored to your circumstances. At the same time, your employer can receive financial support for your wages.


With a job at Samhall, you have the opportunity to develop your ability to work and your professional skills. You have support and supervision while there.

Skyddat arbete hos offentlig arbetsgivare

A specially adapted job for those who have a disability.

Steg till arbete

For those who need help preparing, developing and equipping themselves for work or study or who need help finding a job.

Särskild stödperson för introduktion och uppföljningsstöd - SIUS

If you have a disability, you can get support and help when you are looking for a job or when you are new to a workplace. A support person will help you train for tasks and other things that are needed for you to get a job.

Yrkesintroduktion för teckenspråkiga

For users of sign language who need help to get work, start their own business or start studies.

How to get help from us if you have particular needs

Get more information about who may be entitled to support, in which situations you can get support, and how to take the first step towards getting support from us.

Help for jobseekers with disabilities or bad health

More support from Arbetsförmedlingen

The support on this page is aimed at people with a disability, diagnosis or another difficulty. Arbetsförmedlingen can also offer other forms of support that may be relevant to you.

More support from Arbetsförmedlingen