If you have reduced working capacity due to a disability, you can get a job that is tailored to your circumstances. At the same time, your employer can receive financial support for your wages.


A wage subsidy, lönebidrag, is a financial contribution to your employer as a compensation for the employer adapting the job and the workplace to your circumstances. There are three types of wage subsidies:

  • Lönebidrag for development in employment – to develop your competence and ability to work to make it easier to get a job or start studying in the future.
  • Lönebidrag for employment – to increase your chances of getting and keeping a job that suits your competence and skills.
  • Lönebidrag for security in employment – for those with a need for long-term support in order to get and keep a job.

You can work for both private and public employers. You can have permanent or temporary employment and you can work either full-time or part-time.

An initial decision on wage subsidy covers a maximum of one year. If you need work adaptation for longer, we can extend the decision. In the long run, the goal is that your employment will be converted to employment without financial support for the employer.

For whom

You can get a job with a wage subsidy if you are a job seeker with a disability that reduces your ability to work. You need to be registered as a job seeker with us.

How it works

  • We make an assessment based on your current situation and your circumstances before we take a decision about a wage subsidy.
  • Together with you and the employer, we assess if the workplace is suitable and if the work is suitable for you.
  • We draw up an agreement with you and the employer and consult the union. The agreement shows what your working tasks are. Competence development, supervision and adaptation of work are examples of things that can be included in the agreement.
  • We draw up a plan for how you can increase your ability to work and how in the longer term the employer will not need any wage subsidy for your employment.

We regularly follow up on employment with wage subsidies and we support both you and the employer.


You are entitled to wages and other employment benefits that appear in the collective agreement in the industry.

Employment protection

The employer undertakes to offer collectively agreed employment benefits.

How to take the next step

Contact us

Prepare yourself to explain why the support could increase your job opportunities.


We review your situation together. An employment officer assesses whether the support is a good way to increase your job opportunities.


What support we can offer you depends on what your situation looks like. Who is entitled to any kind of support is ultimately regulated by the government.