Steps to Work

Do you have a disability or ill health that affects your ability to work or study? Steps to work prepares, develops and equips you for work or study and helps you to get a job.

What is steps to work?

In steps to work, you are offered support from our suppliers. You and the supplier work out together what support you need to enable you to start work or studies. Steps to work consists of four parts and both compulsory and optional activities.

You can participate full-time or part-time. If you are not able to work full time due to ill health or disability, it is possible to participate on a part-time basis.

You can combine steps to work (steg till arbete) with SFI studies (Swedish for Immigrants, svenska för invandrare). For some activities, you can access extra language support.

Who is eligible for steps to work?

Steps to work is aimed at those with a disability or ill health that affects their ability to work or study. You need to be registered with Arbetsförmedlingen to take part.

How it works

Part 1. The need for steps to work

Once we have assessed that steps to work could be the right support for you, we will put you in touch with a supplier close to where you live. The supplier will find out what support you need so that we can decide on the next step.

Part 2. Reviewing your need for support

If you need Part 2, you can try various work-like activities at the supplier’s premises to find out what you need to develop and strengthen in order to take on work or study. The aim is for you to gain a greater understanding of your abilities and limitations in different work situations and what adaptations in the workplace could make things easier for you.

Part 3. Equip and develop

In Part 3, you get help equipping yourself and developing your abilities for work or study. You also have work tests. The aim is to find work that suits you.

Part 4. Find work

The supplier will help you to find a job or course of education or training that is right for you. This part also includes work tests. The aim is for you to get a job or start a course of education or training.

Follow up

You have ongoing discussions with the provider (leverantören). The provider will follow up on your progress and what you think of the activities.

Arbetsförmedlingen will also keep track of how things are going so that you get the support you need.

Compensation and conditions

When you take part in steps to work, you participate in a labour market programme and can apply to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency for benefits. You can find a link below to more information about how to apply for benefits and what applies when you take part in one of our programmes.

When participating in a programme

If you become ill or need to look after a sick child

If you become ill or need to be at home to look after a sick child, you need to notify both Arbetsförmedlingen and your supervisor at the supplier’s organisation. You need to do this to get your unemployment insurance or other benefits. Your supervisor at the supplier’s organisation will inform you about how to notify them of your absence.

You can find a link below to more information about how to notify Arbetsförmedlingen of your absence.

Report absence due to illness

Report absence to look after a child (parental leave)

Report activities

You have to submit an activity report to Arbetsförmedlingen every month. This is important in order for you to be given the right support on your path to work or education, and so that you will get your benefits from the Social Insurance Agency. You will find more information about how to report activities in the link below.

Report activity