Arbetsintegrerande övningsplatser

If you are registered with us at Arbetsförmedlingen and need a great deal of support in order to enter the labour market, work-integrated training places can help you prepare yourself for work.


If you have been outside of the labour market for a long time and are uncertain about your capacity to work, you can get support through employment preparation programmes. You are given the opportunity to enter working life in a calm and secure work environment in a social enterprise. During this period you are given close supervision and support in order to develop your capacity to cope with the basic requirements of working life and find a path to supporting yourself. The goal is for you to find a job within the social enterprise. Alternatively, you can prepare to study or to participate in one of Arbetsförmedlingen’s other programmes.

For whom?

The support is available for those who have been outside of the labour market for a long time and are uncertain about their work capacity and what type of work they may be suited to.

How it works

  • We first make a decision about whether you need employment preparation.
  • After that you choose a provider. We give you information about which providers you can choose between.
  • When you have chosen a provider, we begin with an initial conversation between you, the provider and Arbetsförmedlingen.
  • We adapt the length of the programme to your circumstances.
  • While the programme is ongoing, we maintain continuous contact in which we track your development and find out how you think the activities in the workplace are going.

Benefit and conditions

When you receive this support, you are taking part in a programme. You can then apply for benefit from Försäkringskassan. Here, you will find out more about how to apply for the benefit and what rules apply when you take part in one of our programmes.

When you take part in a programme

How to take the next step

Contact us

Prepare yourself to explain why the support could increase your job opportunities.


We review your situation together. An employment officer assesses whether the support is a good way to increase your job opportunities.


What support we can offer you depends on what your situation looks like. Who is entitled to any kind of support is ultimately regulated by the government.