Member and partner organisations in Sweden

These companies and organizations are part of the EURES network. They can assist jobseekers and employers with different services such as matching, recruitment and information on job possibilities within the European labour market. Each member or partner describes its own services offered.

EURES members

Ada Digital offers recruitment, consulting solutions, and talent programs in IT and digital development. They utilize an agile and data-driven search and recruitment process. Their areas of speciality include Tech, Data & Analytics, Digital Commerce, IT Security and Digital Management. Ada Digital is part of the parent company TNG Group's EURES membership.

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Phone number to Ada Digital: +46 8-21 92 00

Arbetsförmedlingen has been a member of EURES since the start of the network in 1994. Our more than 30 EURES advisers are located throughout the country and offer a wide range of free services to both jobseekers and employers. In the links below you will find more information on how we can help you and how to contact us.

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Jobs By Nordics is a Nordic Recruitment Agency specialized in connecting candidates from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland to companies around Europe. We help companies recruit for positions like Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, IT and Content Moderation.

Jobs By Nordics are both client and candidate oriented and are dedicated to finding the best possible solution for both parties.

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Jobs by Nordics (

E-mail to contact person Fredrik Engelbrecht

E-mail to contact person Hafdis Fanney Gudlaugsdottir

Work International helps employers find candidates within the EU. Our recruitment service includes free EURES services in providing information and uploading job advertisements at National Employment Agencies.

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Work International (

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Lernia is one of the country's largest suppliers of skilled workers to companies and organizations. We are located across the country with 96 offices and work with individuals, companies and organisations. We do this by:

  • staffing, national and international recruitment as well as immigration and relocation services,
  • adult education and
  • adjustment, matching and career change.

As a private individual, you can attend one of our courses to expand your skills or find your dream job among our advertised positions. If you are an employer, we help you get exactly the staff you need, nationally or internationally, through staffing, recruitment and skills development. When changing working life, we cooperate with unions, employees and employers. Everything to support companies and individuals through the various stages of working life.

We have both training and staffing activities, which means that we can match staffing consultants and participants in our training courses directly against the companies' demand. In this way, we contribute to reducing the skills gap in society and creating a sustainable labor market for everyone.

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Lernia Bemanning AB (

E-mail to Lernia Bemanning

E-mail to contact person Peder Hansson

Novare Potential is a recruitment and consulting company. They strive to contribute to increased diversity and inclusion within the Swedish labour market by recruiting multicultural talent. They work with recruitment, consulting solutions, advice, lectures, and workshops as well as intensive training for various industries. Through a solution-oriented approach, they have therefore become a popular partner, not least among industries and companies that have difficulty finding and attracting the right skills.

In their "introductory recruitment" model, they offer their consultants a mentor. Mentorship is an important key to successful recruitment and in this case, it is about discussing cultural differences. They have learned that both their consultants and customers feel a great sense of security in the fact that the employee has a "cultural sounding board".

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Novare Potenaial (

E-mail to contact person Lana Haddad, Senior Talent Acquisition, specialist and co-owner

Phone number to Lana Haddad +46 708 69 69 88

OnePartnerGroup is local staffing and recruitment company located throughout Sweden. We work with positions mainly in the private industrial sector, both on operational and management levels. We also work with positions in the restaurant sector. Through our EURES membership we help employers and candidates to recruit or find jobs in Europe.

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Onepartnergroup ( (in Swedish)

E-mail to OnePartnerGroup GGVV AB

Phone number to OnePartnerGroup GGVV AB: +46-370 510 560

TNG specialises in unbiased recruitment, staffing, and interim solutions. TNG look beyond the obvious and prioritise facts and competence over gut feelings and prejudices. This allows them to match more candidates from a more diverse range of applicants with the right employers, ultimately contributing to their vision of a sustainable job market. TNG Group's EURES membership also includes the subsidiary Ada Digital.

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E-mail to TNG

Phone number to TNG: +46 8-21 92 00

Trimtab bring people together who are looking for a job with employers who are looking for an employee. They believe that all people have the right to meaningful employment and are therefore involved in creating movement in the labour market. They offer services within staffing and recruitment, but also information to job seekers regarding various job opportunities.

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Trimtab (

E-mail to contact person Ramon Ali

EURES partner

Sandson Företagsutveckling can assist you in looking for a job in Europe and can also help employers looking for skills from another EU/EEA country. We make this possible through the project Targeted Mobility Scheme,TMS, which in addition to providing mobility services also offers financial support. If you like to apply for any support measure the project offers, you are welcome to contact us.We also work with Erasmus + projects, both as a sending and receiving party. If you have questions concerning Erasmus+ or have a project idea and looking for partners, you can also contact us.

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About EURES at Sandson (

E-mail to Sandson for questions on TMS

E-mail to Sandson for questions on Erasmus+

Business Region Göteborg helps create more jobs, thereby contributing to sustainable growth in the Gothenburg region’s business environment. We do this by providing knowledge and contacts that create favourable conditions for you who wants to start, establish or develop business in the region.

International House Gothenburg is a meeting place for international talents. It is designed to offer activities, services and guidance for career development and an easy integration into Swedish society. All in one place.

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E-mail International Talent Advisor Madalina Magnusson

E-mail Manager International House Gothenburg Lovisa Bohlin

Move to Gothenburg (

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Business Region Göteborg (

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Have you employed a person from abroad and wonder what the next step is? We are here to assist you in that process. Moving to a new country can be a challenging but rewarding experience. There are many things to consider, both before and after the move to the new ”home away from home”.

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Handelskammaren Mälardalen ( (in Swedish)

About EURES at (in Swedish)

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International Citizen Hub Lund is a meeting place to support the spouses / partners of recruited expertise to southern Sweden.

They offer informative events, a drop-in service to address various questions which are many times job search related and a job program to navigate the Swedish job market.

The activities they create or participate in, are aimed at attracting and retaining international talent to Sweden. They belong to the city of Lund even though their services cover southern Sweden.

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International citizen hub (

E-mail to International Talent Developer Lisa Andersson

E-mail to Communications Manager Martina Åkerlund

Many things must fall into place for a successful match! With long experience in language training and job matching, Iris offers to train your new workforce in Swedish, even before the move. At the same time, we can match the spouse to a job here in Sweden, to increase the chances of a long-term and sustainable employment for your new colleague.

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Iris (

About EURES at

E-mail to contact person at Iris Hadar AB

The webpage allows you to explore all of the 15 municipalities in Skaraborg, Sweden. Here you will find inspiration and information on pretty much anything that is good to know if you are interested in making a move to Sweden and Skaraborg.

You can also contact the relocation guides who always do their best to guide you during your move to Skaraborg, and can answer any questions about employers, housing, schools or what activities to do in your spare time.

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E-post to Life in Skaraborg

Momentius provides business legal services and can offer support to employers by providing information on specific rules regarding recruitment within the EU and on factors that can facilitate such recruitment. This involves understanding the regulations that apply within various legal areas such as labor law, tax law, immigration law, and social security law.

Momentius can also offer legal services to employees post recruitment in the form of legal advice within various legal areas such as immigration law, social security, tax law, civil registration law and labor law.

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E-mail to Momentius LPA

Phone number to Momentius LPA: +46 76-008 79 25

Address: Magnus Ladulåsgatan 1, 118 65 Stockholm

Contact person: Martin Källgren Thyr