Our mission

Our assignment

Overall goals, focus areas, activities.

Short facts about our mission

Brief statistics and facts about our mission.

Our organisation

Board, management team, fields of activities.

Governance and results

Appropriation directions, action plans, annual reports and code of statutes.

A sustainable labour market

Equal rights and opportunities, cooperation, international, our sustainability work.

Training material

For authorities, teachers, vocational guidance counselors, employers and private individuals.

Our history

The labour market and society, 100 years of milestones.

The way in, the way back and the way forward.


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We are there for everyone. We bring together those looking for employees with those looking for jobs as efficiently as possible. We are there for all employers who want to think new or do things differently, for all job seekers who need support. We lay the foundations for growth and welfare throughout the country and ensure that there is a way in, a way back and a way forward. For all. (In Swedish)