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Jobseekers, labour market programmes, vacancies, redundancy notices and the introduction programme.

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Forecasts and analyses

Reports on the labour market, labour market programmes and forecasts.

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Offers and services

Our services for jobseekers and employers. Everything is free of charge.

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Our special placement services

Employment services within shipping, culture and media.

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Procured employment services

Arbetsförmedlingen procures labour market services from various suppliers in order to help jobseekers find employment or education quickly and effectively.

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Assignment from the Government

We work on behalf of the Swedish Parliament and the Government, in part through annual appropriation directions. Follow the link below to see examples of priority activities that the Government has decided we should work on.

Our assignment

How the 2023 budget was used

Total budget of SEK 76.4 billion comprised of:

  • salary subsidies employers 17.7 billion
  • activity support, development allowance 16.6 billion
  • unemployment insurance 15.3 billion
  • administration: Arbetsförmedlingen's premises, salaries, etc. 7.7 billion
  • external providers and suppliers 4.4 billion
  • national retirement pension charges 3.6 billion
  • introductions benefits 0.9 billion
  • other expenses 0.7 billion
  • returned to Government budget 9.6 billion.

Statistics from 2023

  • A total of 1.74 million vacancies were reported to the Job Bank (2022: 2.01 million).
  • Arbetsförmedlingen’s website had an average of 7.7 million visits per month (2022: 7.7 million).
  • 88 per cent of jobseekers chose to register themselves via (2022: 88 per cent).
  • 530,000 people were registered as jobseekers at Arbetsförmedlingen (2022: 546,000). Of these, 274,000 were born abroad (2022: 282 000).
  • 178,000 of these jobseekers had not studied beyond compulsory school (2022: 187,000).
  • Close to 53,000 had a disability (2022: 53,000).