Our organisation

Arbetsförmedlingen is one of Sweden’s largest government agencies and has offices all over Sweden. Our highest decision-making body is the Board of Directors which includes the Director-General. Both the Board of Directors and the Director-General are appointed by the Government.

We can be found throughout the country

Arbetsförmedlingen has just over 10,000 employees. Some of us work at the head office in Solna in Stockholm but most of us work in other parts of the country.

Service offices

We collaborate with the National Government Service Centre (Statens servicecenter), which means that we are available to jobseekers and employers at service offices in towns throughout Sweden. At the service offices we collaborate with other government agencies in order to offer services and help with different issues through the same office.

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How we are organised


The picture shows how Arbetsförmedlingen is organised by using a hierarchy chart. At the top of the diagram is the Board of Directors. Internal audit is placed next to it. Directly below the board is the Director-General who leads the operations with the help of the Deputy Director-General, Governance and Monitoring Unit, Director-General's Office and Strategic Change Office. The departments and areas of operation include the following: HR Department, Communications Department, Finance Department, Legal Department, Analysis Department, Procurement and business solutions Department, Field of activity IT, Field of activity Direct, as well as Field of activity Local Labour Market.

Operational activities

Activities at the national level are divided into two fields of activity.

  • Field of activity Direct offers placement services to employers and jobseekers throughout the country via digital services and over the phone.
  • Field of activity Local labour market is responsible for designing and providing job placement services aimed at jobseekers and employers, under its own or others' auspices.

Board of directors

The Board is our highest decision-making body and is appointed by the Government. The board makes decisions in matters that

  • cover the entire organisation
  • are of particular strategic importance.

Senior management group

The Senior Management Group works with fundamentally important and strategic matters. The members of the group are appointed by the Director-General and meet once a week.

Our assignment

Fundamentally, our assignment is about contributing to a well-functioning labour market. Here you can read more about our assignment.

Our assignment