Governance and results

Our activities are governed by ordinances and appropriation directions. Here you can read more about how our assignment is governed and how our work is monitored.

Acts and ordinances

We work on behalf of the Riksdag and the Government. The fundamental features are described in acts and ordinances. The most important acts and ordinances for our work are the Ordinance on Labour Market Policy, the Ordinance with Instructions for Arbetsförmedlingen and the Government Agencies Ordinance.

Ordinance on Labour Market Policy (2000:628) (in Swedish)

Ordinance with Instructions for Arbetsförmedlingen (2007:1030) (in Swedish)

Ordinance on Changes in Instructions for Arbetsförmedlingen (2020:94) (in Swedish)

Government Agencies Ordinance (2007:515) (in Swedish)

You can read more about how government agencies are governed at the Government Offices of Sweden website.

Government agencies and state-owned enterprises (in Swedish)

Appropriation directions

The Government gives us assignments both continually throughout the year and via its annual appropriation directions. Appropriation directions are the decisions issued by the Government each budget year in order to regulate the activities of a government agency.

Appropriation directions for Arbetsförmedlingen (in Swedish)

Progress report on appropriation direction assignments

 See the progress report requirements expressed in the respective appropriation directions.

Progress report on appropriation directions 2023 (in Swedish) 

Progress report on appropriation directions 2022 (in Swedish)

Financial forecasts and outcomes

We regularly report financial forecasts and outcomes to the Government in accordance with the current appropriation directions.

Financial forecasts and outcomes (in Swedish)

Action plan

Budget proposal

Arbetsförmedlingen is funded by appropriations from the Riksdag and the Government. Each year we submit budget documentation to the Government. The documentation reflects our ambition for how our activities should be funded over the coming three years and contains proposals concerning regulatory changes and simplifications.

Arbetsförmedlingen’s budget proposal 2023-2025 (in Swedish) Pdf, 489 kB.

Arbetsförmedlingen’s budget proposal 2022-2024 (in Swedish) Pdf, 461 kB.

Arbetsförmedlingen’s budget proposal 2021-2023 (in Swedish) Pdf, 560 kB.

Arbetsförmedlingen’s budget proposal 2020-2022 (in Swedish) Pdf, 1 MB.

Annual reports

Each year we submit an annual report to the Government. The annual report is decided on by the board of directors and describes our programmes and expenses, as well as the results achieved.

Brief version of Annual report 2021 Pdf, 2 MB.

Arbetsförmedlingen’s annual report 2021 (in Swedish)

Arbetsförmedlingen’s annual report 2020 (in Swedish)

Arbetsförmedlingen’s annual report 2019 (in Swedish)

Code of statutes

Our code of statutes contains current regulations and general guidelines. The code also includes applicable regulations and general guidelines from the former Arbetsmarknadsstyrelsen, the activities of which were transferred to Arbetsförmedlingen on 1 January 2008.

Code of statutes (in Swedish)

At the beginning of each year we publish an annual register of the regulations and general guidelines we have issued over the past year.

Annual register of statutes issued in 2022 (in Swedish) Pdf, 99 kB.


We send out consultation referrals, i.e. proposals, that other organisations and government agencies can submit opinions about. We also respond to consultation referrals from other government agencies

Consultation referrals (in Swedish)

Statistics and analyses

Statistics for jobseekers, vacancies, labour market policy programmes, redundancies. Analyses, reports, labour market forecasts and consultation responses.

Statistics and analyses (in Swedish)