Join the EURES Network

EURES is an EU network with representatives from employment agencies, the recruitment industry, and organizations that provide information about jobs in Europe. What they all have in common is an interest in Europe and a willingness to facilitate cross-border recruitment by informing about opportunities in the common European labour market.

Network meeting for EURES coordinators with representatives from organisations that are members or partners in the EURES network, as well as representatives from EURES’ National Coordination Office.

Become a part of something bigger

Is your organisation involved in recruitment, staffing, employment services, or providing information about opportunities in the European job market? If so, membership in the EURES network may be of interest to you. Membership is free of charge.

Good to know – companies or organisations that only want to search for candidates on the EURES portal or advertise for personnel in other European countries can directly approach the EURES portal and do not need membership.

Companies and organisations within the EURES network

Bild på Jaana Ek

We use EURES daily to find candidates for our clients. We collaborate with EURES staff, review resumes, and contact candidates for interviews. Through EURES, we find talents that are not available in our region. /Jaana Ek, CEO One Partner Group GGVV AB

As a member of the EURES network, you are offered:

  • The opportunity to collaborate and exchange experiences with other network members both in Sweden and abroad,
  • The opportunity to build a network and use other channels for skills supply,
  • The opportunity to participate in job fairs and events, both physically and digitally,
  • Access to job seekers' resumes on the EURES portal,
  • The ability to create job ads that are visible on the EURES portal,
  • Free training for your staff in European recruitment,
  • Access to current information about the job market in other EU/EEA countries.

As a member, you can use the EURES logo in your communication to the market, which is often perceived as a quality mark. The EURES network supports the right to free movement for workers on fair terms – Fair Mobility.

As a member of the EURES network, you are expected to:

  • Contribute your published job ads to the EURES portal's pool of vacancies,
  • Contribute to the EURES portal's pool of resumes,
  • Provide services to job seekers or employers,
  • Report on EURES-related activities in your organization,
  • Actively participate in the network’s meetings, conferences, training, and collaborations.

If your organisation does not handle all the tasks and services mentioned above, there is a possibility to participate as a partner in the network.

The National Coordination Office for EURES (NCO) at Arbetsförmedlingen is responsible for processing applications and deciding on membership or partnership.

We recommend contacting the NCO via email for a preliminary discussion before submitting an application, to address any questions or concerns.

Contact NCO via mail

If your organisation is interested in membership in the EURES network, you can apply for membership via Mercell TendSign. To apply, you must first create an account in TendSign. If you already have an account, you can log in and apply directly.

Apply for membership on Mercell Tendsign (