When you want to change your occupation

Are robots about to take over your profession? Did you lose your job during the pandemic? Or did you perhaps choose the wrong profession? Then it might be time to switch lanes. You might need to learn something new, or perhaps you are able to use the skills you already have in a new profession. We can help you find a new career with good prospects.

Jobs to go for

In our occupational forecasts, you can see the future prospects for 170 occupations and industries. See if you can find an occupation to suit you. Here you can also find some tips for possible training and education paths.

Find occupational forecasts (in Swedish)

Think about what would suit you

Knowing what you are good at is the best starting point for finding jobs to suit you. We have a guide that helps you to map out your strengths, interests, values and dreams.

Review your skills

Retrain for a new occupation

To change your occupation, you may need further education or training. It all depends on which occupation you want to go for. For some occupations it takes only a few months, for others several years. Here you can find an overview of the most common training and education paths for adults.

Training and education paths

Choose right – learn more about an occupation

We have collected information about over 300 occupations to help you go for the right job. You can find out most things that might interest you - for example, if the occupation has good future prospects.

Find an occupation (in Swedish)

Check vacancies directly

Perhaps your skills and experience are already right for a new occupation. If so, all that’s left to do is apply! In the Job Bank, you can find all the vacancies that have been registered with Arbetsförmedlingen.

Vacancies in the Job Bank (listings in Swedish)

Let an employer find you

Not all jobs are advertised. So another tip is to make sure that employers can find you. Make yourself visible on social media and use the opportunities that lie in your network.

More tips for finding the job you want