Occupations and the future

Do-it-yourself career guidance

Step-by-step career guidance. Tools and advice.

Interest guide

Answer 12 questions and get a interest profile with suggestions for occupations that might suit you. (In Swedish)

Find an occupation

Find out what is needed for different occupations, watch films and hear what others have to say. (In Swedish)

Find occupational forecasts

Future prospects for different occupations. The current situation or in the next three years. (in Swedish)

When you want to change your occupation

Jobs to focus on when you want to make a mid-life change of occupation.

Read about education and studies

Education and studies

Train for a job. Study allowances and training and education paths.

Labour market training programme

Vocationally-oriented study programmes where there is a need for staff. For people who are registered as jobseekers.

Self-assess your skills

Answers to questions about your vocational knowledge. Discuss with an employment officer.