Education and studies

Choosing education or training

Get help with choosing education or training based on your situation.

Training and education paths

Labour market training programme, upper secondary education, municipal adult education, folk high school, vocational college, university and university college.

Study funding

Overview of the most common forms of study allowances.

Dare to start studying

Take the big step towards studies. Short or longer education and training, different forms of support.

Get grades and certificates

Do you have experience from a profession in Sweden or another country but lack a certificate? Or do you have a foreign education and need to have your knowledge formally recognized? Then you can apply for validation.

About validation

Occupations and the future

Professions, future prospects, education, interest guide - make smart career choices.

Find occupations (in Swedish)

Find out what is required for different professions, watch films and hear what others have to say.

Self-assess your skills

Answers to questions about your vocational knowledge. Discuss with an employment officer.