Do-it-yourself career guidance

Do you need help finding the path to your goal? Here, you can find the tools for guiding yourself towards education, training and jobs. The goal: a plan for finding the job you really want.

What to do

The career guidance consists of three parts. Each part contains various exercises; you also need to spend a little time reflecting on the results. The exercises are the same type used by professional job coaches, but here you do them yourself. It is still a good idea to reflect on the results with a friend. Why not document each step in the Me at work-template? This will give you a good basis for a CV and job application, as well as preparing you for an interview with an employment officer. When you have gone through the three parts, you will have:

  • mapped out your skills
  • identified possible occupations
  • made a plan to move forward.

Career guidance in three steps

Find your job personality

Understanding who you are and what you are good at is the basis for your career planning. By thinking about your abilities, interests and what motivates you, you get a clearer picture of yourself and what resources you have. We give you the tools to answer the questions: ”Who am I? What do I know? What do I want to do?”.

Take a look at occupations and the labour market

You can often find that there are more occupations and industries that suit you than you first thought. In a changeable labour market, you must also be prepared to expand your horizons. We help you to identify what occupational field suits you. Then learn what training or education is needed, what the labour market looks like and what options there are.

Paths towards training, education or jobs

When you have a clearer picture of what you can do, what you want and what opportunities there are, it is time to make a plan. It’s a good idea to divide up the path to your goal into smaller steps. It makes the path much easier. We give some examples of paths forward and what help you can find if you get stuck.

Tips for do-it-yourself guidance

  • Be prepared to spend a little time on the different steps, as you see below.
  • You can go through the different steps in any order you like. You also choose for yourself whether to do the whole thing in one go or divide it into a few sessions - it’s your choice.
  • You might think that you already know some of the steps. But our tip is to go through all the steps anyway. This will make it easier to fill in your goals and subgoals in your plan. The exercises we offer here are easy to do and we tell you approximately how long each will take. But don’t forget that you need to reflect on the results and note down what you come up with.

Remember: you are the expert on yourself! And you are the one who makes the decisions about your future.