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Where would your skills and experience fit in? Often in more occupations and industries than you might think. Find out the facts about different occupations and discover some options to suit you.

Find jobs that match your skills

There are thousands of different occupations, if we include all the different specialisations. The requirements for different occupations are different of course, but the same skill can be used in many jobs. Many occupations have changed over time, which means new skills requirements. For example, technical developments have meant that IT skills are in demand in many more occupations today than previously.

Use our guide to help you understand what an occupation involves, whether it suits you and what education, training and skills are needed.

What to do

  1. Start from your interest profile and occupational profile. Try to build up a picture of what kind of occupation or occupational field might match your personal qualities and interests. Think broadly in the beginning and look at many different options. Tip! If you don’t know your profile, start here: Find out who you are.
  2. Search for the occupational fields and occupations you are curious about in Find an occupation (in Swedish). Here you will find information and education tips for over 300 occupations. You can watch films, read about the requirements for the occupation and see what the future prospects look like. Tip: bookmark the occupations you think look interesting. You will have a use for this later.
  3. Widen your outlook! In both Find an occupation (in Swedish) and Interest guide (in Swedish) there are suggestions for job options. Do a new search and look at the options with new eyes. Try to release yourself from preconceived ideas and prejudices. Then you will have more to choose from and perhaps discover new and unexpected opportunities. Keep in mind that even though your interests are an important starting point for your choice, you should be prepared to compromise based on how the job market looks.
  4. Search the advertisements in the Job Bank (in Swedish). Search for jobs in your municipality or county to see the opportunities. You can also find possible jobs by searching for your skills and personal qualities. Tip: bookmark the jobs you think look interesting.

Write down the occupations that seem to have potential. This is the start of your top list, from which you will soon select one top option. Remember to note down, for example, what it is about the job that interests you, what working tasks you think suit you and so on.

Match your occupational options with job opportunities

What to do

  1. Work from the top list that you arrived at in the exercise above. Go to Find occupational forecasts (in Swedish) and take a look at the future prospects for your various options. In Find occupational forecasts, you can find future prospects for about 300 common occupations, presented by county and for one- and five-years’ time. You can also check job opportunities in Find an occupation (in Swedish).
  2. Write down the job prospects for your options. Perhaps some interesting new options turned up?

Prioritise your job options

Now it’s time to prioritise and arrive at which of the options on your top list you should proceed with. The easiest is the exclusion method: when you see all your options on one list, it is considerably easier to compare them with each other and cross out the options that don’t seem as interesting any more. Another way is to make a simple priority table.

What to do

  1. Download our priority table. Or draw up your own table. Write your top list of options into the template. Give a mark for how much each occupation suits your strengths, interests and prospects of getting a job. Mark on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is least good and 5 is very good.
  2. Compare the results in the list with each other. And cross out the options that don’t seem as attractive any more. The aim is to select one top occupation to go for. Write your main option in the Me at work-template.

More occupational inspiration

Come out to workplaces and experience an occupation on-site. Welcome to a virtual study visit to some of the occupations that could be your future.

Occupation hunt - Yrkesjakten ( (in Swedish)

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