Set goals and subgoals for your job search

Set goals that feel meaningful to you and your path towards a job. Do not forget to divide the path into several stages. Here are some tips on how to do it.

What is your goal?

A clear goal helps you gain structure in your everyday life. It helps you to gain control and it makes your path towards a job clearer. Choose your goal yourself or together with Arbetsförmedlingen. The goal should be meaningful and important to you.

To make it easier to reach your goal, divide your path into smaller steps – subgoals. It's easier to stay motivated if the final goal doesn't feel too big or too far away.

Move forward, one subgoal at a time. That way you will have more energy and drive to move on to the next subgoal. Don't forget to tick off your completed subgoals and take a moment to be proud of what you have accomplished. The path towards the final goal is not always a straight line.

Set your goals and subgoals

Feel free to use our template to set your goals and subgoals.

Download our template for goals and subgoals Pdf, 211 kB.

Print the PDF and fill it out as you go. Or use it as inspiration for your own template.

A good goal should be

  • Controllable. Your ability to achieve the goal should not depend on things in your environment that you cannot influence. You should be able to reach the goal by your own power.
  • Specific. Your goal should be set in such a way that you know exactly what it entails. It should be clearly defined.
  • Realistic. Your goal should be set at a reasonable level. You must feel that it is possible to reach.
  • Measurable. So that you know if you have reached the goal or not.
  • Scheduled. It should be clear when the goal is to be reached.

Some examples

This is how Ahmed and Sonja used the Goals and subgoals template. Click on the examples to see them in full.


Ahmed had been unemployed for a long time when he began to write down his goals and subgoals. His final goal was to get a job at, for example, a factory.


Sonja was unemployed after a long sick leave. She used the template to write down her goals and subgoals to get back to work.