What is important in a job?

Your interests are a good starting point when choosing a profession. But there are many other important things that affect your decisions. What is important to you?

Do this

Read the list point by point. Think about what is important to you in a job and why. Choose the five values that you think are most important. Write them down. Add values if you think something is missing.

Examples of values

  • Salary. Are you aiming for a high salary? How high? Do you have a lower limit?
  • Development. Do you want to develop and advance in the workplace?
  • Workmates. Are they important to you? What should they be like for you to thrive?
  • Duties. Do you want them to be varied, simple, interesting or something else?
  • Work in teams or independently. Do you want to work alone, together with others, or both?
  • The workplace. Do you want to work outdoors, indoors, or both? Do you have any other ideas about your future workplace?
  • The working environment. Is it important that the working environment is clean, allergy-free, safe, or something else?
  • Practical or theoretical. Do you want an office job, or a more practical job?
  • Stationary or moving. Do you want to sit at a desk, or do you want a more mobile job? Do you want to work with your body or with your hands?
  • Contacts with people. Do you want to have a lot of contact with people through your job? Or do you prefer to work alone?
  • Working hours. Do you want to work full-time or have shorter working hours? Fixed schedule or flexible hours? Evenings and weekends?
  • Distance to the workplace. Is it important that the workplace is close to home? Are you willing to commute? If so, how far?