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Help employers to find you! Submit your CV and create a jobseeker profile in our candidate bank. You are then matched with employers who are seeking your skills.

Create a profile and be found by employers

Create a profile and increase your chances of getting a job. Build up the profile with the types of jobs you are looking for, your skills, experience, education and training, and more. Make sure you fill in as much as possible – this increases your chances of being found.

Your profile is matched with employers who are looking for your skills. If your profile interests an employer, you can be contacted directly. You can also choose to publish your profile in the European job portal Eures. You can then be seen by employers and recruiters all over the EU and EEA who can contact you.

You don’t need to be registered as a jobseeker with us to create a profile.

Update your profile

If you gain new experience or have simply forgotten to include something, you can log in at any time and add to your profile.

Every six months, we ask you via email to update your profile so that you have the most up-to-date information possible when employers are seeking for new employees.

What to do

Build up your profile

Log in and build up your profile with what you know and what you want. Include your contact details so that employers can contact you easily.

Make your profile visible

When you have made your profile visible, employers can find you when they search for new employees via our website.

Be matched with employers

Now you are matched with employers who are seeking your skills. Your profile comes up in the employer’s search results and you can be contacted directly.

In My profile you can

  • get interesting jobs straight to your email
    Log in and create a job watch list that suits your profile. You can then get emails with new matched jobs, every day or once a week.
  • download your CV
    You can easily create a CV with the information in your profile. Simply download it as a PDF when you review your profile.

Free CV template when you are looking for jobs

What do you need to include in a CV? You can find some tips and a free CV template here:

Write a CV