More ways to find a job

A quick way to find available jobs is by searching the Job Bank (Platsbanken). There are also more ways to search for jobs, and we’ve gathered tips about them here on this page.

Submit a spontaneous application

Does the company where you want to work not have any openings that suit you? Submit a spontaneous application! The employer might become interested. Explain in your cover letter why you want to work there and what areas you can work in. Some employers have a form for spontaneous applications on their website. If not, try contacting the organisation’s HR department, a manager, or an info email address.

Contact a staffing agency

Sweden has many staffing and hiring agencies. Employers contact them for help to find staff. If you register your CV with a staffing and hiring agency, you will be searchable when their recruiters search for staff. Jobs are often divided into full-time, part-time and extra staff.

Ask your network for tips

One good way to get help finding available jobs is to ask people you know for help. Your network might include family members, neighbours, former colleagues, friends, acquaintances from the gym or from classes you’ve taken. Get in touch and say you are looking for a job. Don’t give up if you don’t get tips on available jobs right away; instead, think long-term. The next time a job comes up in your network, someone might think of you.

Attend fairs

Job fairs and recruitment meetings are common in Sweden. These events are usually held over 1-3 days. Employers are on site for the purpose of meeting new employees. Job fairs are often intended for specific fields. A Google search is the easiest way to find job fairs in your city.

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Search for jobs by season and need

Consider what businesses are near you that might sometimes need more staff. For example, in summer, more staff are often needed at amusement parks and kiosks, as tour guides and for municipal park maintenance. In winter, more staff are needed at ski facilities and warehouses, to clear snow and for Christmas events.

Maybe you live near an arena that holds sporting events or concerts? Is there a shopping centre that might need extra help during the high-pressure holiday shopping season? Does your local bakery need extra help during Easter bun (semla) season? Maybe grocery and clothing stores need extra help taking inventory of goods?

Draw a season wheel and mark the times of year during which employers may require extra staff. Then contact them and let them know that you are interested in helping out.

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Find available jobs through social media

Some employers post to their social media feeds when they are searching for new staff members. By following companies on social media, you can be notified if they have an available job that would suit you. It might also be smart to post on social media about the fact that you are looking for a job.

Instagram tips: Follow employers who you might want to work for. Some may post info in their Instagram feed or stories about looking for new staff members. Following an employer on Instagram may also give you a sense of what it might be like to work there.

Facebook tips: Facebook has lots of groups in which users post tips on available jobs. Employers might also sometimes post to these groups when looking for staff members. If you post about looking for a job, your Facebook friends can let you know when something comes up.

Linkedin tips: Linkedin has a jobs tab where you can find available jobs posted by employers. You can also search for specific employers to see if they currently have any posts about available positions.

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Many people find it difficult to search for a job online. To help, the Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen), together with Google, has produced a training programme. The programme will teach you more about searching for jobs and writing a CV and cover letter. You will also learn more about e-identification, social media and video meetings.

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