When you become unemployed

You don't need to go to one of our offices. Use your electronic ID (e-ID) to register on our website on your first day of unemployment. Book a planning conversation with an employment officer and apply for unemployment benefits directly.

How to register

Register with us the first day you are unemployed

It is important that you register with us the first day you are unemployed. Then you can receive unemployment benefit from the first day.

When you register with us the first day you are unemployed you also keep your sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI).

Fill in all the information you can. The more you tell us the faster we can help you.

How to register

  • You will need to fill in details about, for example, your education, previous jobs, skills and what kind of job you are looking for. Prepare yourself by collecting together your grades, certificates, CV and other documents.
  • At the end you will be able to book your first meeting with us. You can often choose between a meeting at one of our offices and a phone or video meeting.


Contact your unemployment benefit office

Unemployment benefit is money that you can receive when you are unemployed. How much money you can receive depends among other things on how much you have worked previously and if you are a member of an unemployment benefit insurance fund.

Contact your unemployment benefit office and apply for benefit. The simplest way to do this is to log in on your unemployment benefit office’s website.

If you are not a member of an unemployment benefit insurance fund you can still receive some payment.

Unemployment benefit

Prepare your meeting with us

Before your first meeting with us, it is good if you begin preparing yourself and doing a little planning yourself. You can for example:

  • review and update your CV
  • access your grades and certificates
  • think about what you want to do.

Before your first meeting

What happens at the meeting?

At your first meeting with us, you and an employment officer among other things look at:

  • your skills
  • what kind of job you are looking for
  • what the labour market looks like
  • what support you can get from us
  • what to do to achieve your goals.

Questions and answers

What do I do if I need to change the time of my meeting?

You are rescheduling the booking of your meeting with the work counsellor you are going to meet. If you do not have contact information or want to cancel a meeting, the easiest way to do so is via our chat or by telephone.

Remember to let us know well in advance before the scheduled meeting!

Contact us

Can I register without electronic identification?

If you do not have electronic identification you can prepare your registration on the website. Then log in with your user name and password. Then you need to visit us to be registered with us as a job-seeker. You cannot book your visit in advance. Your first day of registration is counted from the day you visit us in person.

You need to visit us within 14 days of registering your details here on our website. If you do not do so, your details are deleted automatically.

Create an account

Can I register earlier than my first day of unemployment?

Yes. But then you need to visit us on your first day of unemployment so that you do not lose unemployment benefit.

What is sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI)?

Your SGI affects the size of for example sickness benefit and parental allowance. It is Försäkringskassan that calculates your SGI. Contact Försäkringskassan if you have questions about your SGI.


What applies when I have received severance pay?

If you receive severance pay without beginning a new job, you need to register as a job-seeker with us. Remember to register the very first day after your employment ends; otherwise you risk losing your SGI with Försäkringskassan.

You cannot be paid unemployment benefit while you are receiving severance pay. Contact your unemployment benefit office and they will calculate the time worked that your severance pay corresponds to.

It is not until your period with severance pay has ended that you can be paid unemployment benefit.

What should I do if I am given notice or my employment is terminated?

Register with us to get help finding a job. Also contact your trade union to find out if you can get support and if so what organisation you should contact. Arbetsförmedlingen, the unemployment security organisations and your employer often collaborate to be able to give you good support.

I am no longer unemployed. How do I deregister?

The simplest way to terminate your registration with Arbetsförmedlingen is to contact us via our chat.

Common reasons may be that you

  • are working as much as you want to
  • are or will be on parental leave
  • have commenced studies
  • are thinking about retiring.

Then you can telephone or visit us in person.

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