Support and compensation

When you become unemployed

Register with us the first day you are unemployed: here is what to do.

Unemployment benefit

Benefit when you are unemployed, conditions: how to apply.

Reporting your activities

Report your activities: here is what to do.

Support A–Z

Labour market training, new starts job, support and matching, work experience placement.

Participating in a programme

Job and development guarantee programme, establishment, compensation, report absence.


Assistive devices, financial support, personal support.

Before your first meeting

How to prepare yourself. Review your CV and your plans for the future.


Keep track of the activities in your plan on your personal pages - Mina sidor.

Compensation for travel expenses

Receive compensation for travel and accommodation during a job interview: how to apply.

Warning or lost unemployment benefit

About conditions, warnings and reduced benefit.

If you are on sick leave

Rehabilitation through Försäkringskassan, try out a new job.


Forms and certificates for job seekers.