Academic Fast Track

The Academic Fast Track (Akademikertjänst korta vägen) is a preparatory training programme for academics. The programme will prepare you for a job that suits your academic background or for continued academic studies.

What is the Academic Fast Track?

The Academic Fast Track is an individual training programme consisting of different modules. Some modules are mandatory for everyone, while others are optional. The training programme lasts for six months, full time.

The objective of the training programme is for people with an academic background to find work aligned with their academic education that they can have for an extended period of time, or to continue academic studies.

Who is eligible for Academic Fast Track?

Academic Fast Track is for jobseekers and people who have studied at the academic level for at least two years.

You can take part in the programme if you are an academic who either has

  • a degree from abroad,
  • a degree from Sweden,
  • or who has undergone rehabilitation initiatives.

You must also have solid Swedish language skills. You should have completed Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) D, or have equivalent language skills.

Here is how it works

1. The right support for you

The programme begins with us determining and mapping your overall expertise, whether Academic Fast Track is the right support for you, and if so, what you need to do during the training programme.

2. Distance or on-site learning

The training programme is held in several locations in Sweden. The programme is held in person, but can be taken remotely if you would have to commute a long distance to reach the programme.

3. Modules, different parts of the programme

In addition to the first module, mapping, which is mandatory, there are two other mandatory modules: workplace-based learning and academic guidance. These will provide you with information about what profession might be suitable for you and better equip you for employment or continued academic studies. You will receive this through a traineeship in the profession that may be suitable for you.

Thereafter, there are individual modules based on your needs. This might include academic Swedish, digital skills at work, methods in higher education, analysis methods and source criticism, a Swedish test, professional coaching, orientation to working life and gender equality.

4. What happens next?

The objective of the training programme is to prepare you for a job that is suitable to your academic training and experience, or to prepare you for supplementary academic studies.

You will also receive a certificate in the professional skills you possess and have gained during the traineeship period.