Reporting activities

You must submit an Activity Report to us every month. Your Activity Report shows us how active you have been in searching for a job and what jobs you have applied for. In order to receive compensation from the unemployment insurance fund or the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, it is important that you are active and submit your report on time. It also helps us to provide you with the support you need in your search for the right job or education. You must submit your Activity Report no earlier than on the 1st and no later than on the 14th of every month.

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Who should report?

If you are unemployed and registered with us you should report what activities you have performed and what jobs you have applied for. Keep in mind that if you, for example, have a work experience placement or are doing occupational rehabilitation you should also report.

This is what you must report

You must report what jobs you have applied for and what other activities you have done to find employment. Be sure to include all the jobs you have applied for and the activities stated in your plan and any other things you have done to promote your job-seeking. Here are some examples of what your activity report might contain:

  • jobs you have applied for, such as:
    • advertised jobs
    • spontaneous applications, for example a CV submitted to an employer
    • jobs that Arbetsförmedlingen has encouraged you to apply for
    • jobs that Arbetsförmedlingen has suggested you apply for
  • if you have worked
  • recruitment meetings you have been to
  • interviews you have been to
  • studies you have participated in.

If you have been off sick you shall not write that in your activity report.

If you become sick

How to report

It is easy to report your activities on our website. You find the activity reporting online through a link on or by logging into My pages and choosing the service Report activities.

To use the service, you have to log in with e-identification (such as Mobile Bank-ID). Once you have logged in, you can:

  • add activities on an ongoing basis, so that you do not forget any activities
  • submit your report
  • view previously submitted reports.

Submit an activity report


3 minutes 54 seconds

This film will show you step by step how to report your activities on our website.

If you do not have a computer or e-identification

If you do not have an e-ID, fill in your report on a paper form and send it to us by mail. You can find the form here:


Remember that you cannot submit your report by e-mailing it to us.

How to get e-identification (in Swedish)

When should you send in the report?

You must submit your Activity Report for the previous month no earlier than on the 1st and no later than on the 14th of every month. It is important that we receive your Activity Report no later than on the 14th of every month. In other words, if sending your monthly Activity Report to us by post, you must make sure to do this in good time before the 14th.

Example: Your Activity Report for activities completed in January should reach us between 1 February and 14 February.

Previously submitted Activity Reports are shown in the folder ‘Activity Reports’, under the tab ‘Submitted’.

Review of activity reports

All submitted activity reports are reviewed by Arbetsförmedlingen. The first step in the review is done automatically. Your report is flagged for manual review by an administrator if you, for example, have reported few jobs applied for or identical jobs to those you have applied for previously, or if you have written something in the free text field. Reports are also flagged randomly for manual review. On My Pages you can see when your activity report has been reviewed.

You can read about how Arbetsförmedlingen processes personal data and what rights you have:

How we process your personal data

What happens if you are not active or if you do not submit your report on time?

If you do not submit your activity report on time or otherwise neglect your job-seeking, you may be issued a warning or lose your compensation for one or more days.

Conditions when receiving compensation from unemployment insurance

Conditions for compensation in programmes

Monitoring jobs applied for

We sometimes investigate whether you have applied for the jobs you have registered in your activity report. It is therefore important that you save documentation that can prove you have applied for these jobs.

Information about proving you have applied for jobs