Unemployed – what happens now?

When you become unemployed

Here's what you need to know when you register with us.


Register with us on the first day you are unemployed: here is what to do.

Unemployment benefit

Benefit when you are unemployed, conditions: how to apply.

Before the planning meeting

Get ready and get started on your planning.

Your rights and obligations

What you can expect from us, what we expect from you.

Report activities

Report your activities: here is what to do.

Proof of job applications

The following explains what you need to do if asked to submit proof of your job applications.

Conditions when receiving compensation from unemployment insurance

Information about what you need to do so as not put your compensation at risk.

Redundancy notices

When you are at risk of being dismissed, tips on how to prepare.

My pages

Sign in to My Pages and keep track of your planning and path towards employment.


If you have found employment or started studying, please let us know here.