Register as a jobseeker

Register on your first day of unemployment. Start by logging in with e-identification and then create an account. Start with Register and fill in information about what job you are seeking and what experience you have, then book a planning discussion with an employment officer. Then, contact your unemployment insurance fund to apply for benefit.

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When should I register?

It is important that you register with us by no later than the first day you are unemployed and seeking a job. The unemployment insurance fund can then assess your right to benefit from the first day of unemployment.

When you register with us on the first day you are unemployed and are actively seeking a job, another authority, or municipality, may assess your right to benefit. For example, the social insurance agency Försäkringskassan may decide on your qualifying income for sickness benefit allowance, SGI.

How do I register?

  • The first step before you start registration is to log in with e-identification and create an account where you enter your contact information. This account gives you access to My Pages, where you can find most things that affect your case.
  • Once you have created an account, go to Register and enter information about your education and training, work experience, skills and the jobs you are seeking. Make sure to allow plenty of time to register. The more we know, the more quickly we can help you move on.
  • In the last step, you book a time for a planning discussion with an employment officer and then send in your registration. You may receive a call directly after registering. If you already know when registering that you will start working or studying within three months, then it is not necessary to book a planning discussion. Instead, you will be asked if you wish to be deregistered when you start your new employment. Your registration is then submitted after you answer this question.

Once you have entered all the information and sent in your registration, you will receive confirmation that you have been registered as a jobseeker.

If you do not have access to a computer or mobile phone, you can visit a service office and borrow a computer.

Apply for unemployment benefit

When you are unemployed and have registered with us, you can apply for benefit from an unemployment insurance fund during the time you are looking for a job. How much you can receive will depend, among other things, on how much you have worked previously and if you are a member of an unemployment insurance fund.

Contact your unemployment benefit office and apply for benefit. The simplest way to do this is to log into your unemployment benefit office’s website.

If you are not a member of an unemployment benefit fund, you can apply for membership and basic compensation when you become unemployed. If you do not want to become a member of an unemployment benefit fund, you can apply for basic compensation from the “Alfa-kassan” fund.

Unemployment benefit

Get prepared before the planning discussion

You book a planning discussion with an employment officer when you register. However, you do not need to book a planning discussion if you are due to start work or studies within three months.

Prepare for the planning discussion

Questions and answers

How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment with you?

To cancel or reschedule an appointment you need to get in touch with us.

Should you miss your appointment or forget to inform us that you cannot attend at the scheduled time, this may affect your allowance.

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Can I register without e-identification?

If you do not have e-identification, you can prepare your registration online. You create an account and log in with a username and password. You then need to visit a service office in order to be registered as a jobseeker. You cannot make an appointment in advance. Your initial registration data is the day on which you visit a service office. Bring identification with you.

Your visit must be within 14 days of the date you submitted your details here on the website. If you do not do so your details will be deleted automatically.

If you are unable to use the online service, you need to visit a service office in order to register as a jobseeker. Remember to bring identification with you when you visit a service office. We notify your unemployment insurance fund so that you can apply for compensation.

How to get electronic identification

How do I register as unemployed with an unemployment insurance fund?

When you register with us on our website using e-identification, you simultaneously state your intention to seek compensation from an unemployment insurance fund. Then visit your unemployment insurance fund’s website to fill in the required information.

If you are already registered with an unemployment insurance fund but have been put on pause because you have worked or been ill for a period, you need to contact us by telephone or chat on your first day of unemployment. We will inform your unemployment insurance fund that you are a jobseeker once again.

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What is sickness benefit qualifying income, SGI?

SGI means sickness benefit qualifying income. Försäkringskassan calculates your SGI. Your SGI determines how much money you are entitled to should you, for example, get ill or go on parental leave.

Contact Försäkringskassan if you have questions regarding SGI and to what extent you can protect it during various circumstances.

Försäkringskassan (

What applies if I have received severance pay?

If you have received severance pay we recommend you register with us on your first day of unemployment, and register with your unemployment insurance fund. The unemployment insurance fund will then be able to calculate your first possible date of receiving compensation. The unemployment insurance fund considers severance pay as salary.

Get in touch with Försäkringskassan to receive more information on your sickness benefit qualifying income as it may be affected when you register with us.

If you register for unemployment during the period you have severance pay you need to be an active job seeker as well. This means that you need to apply for jobs and report your job seeking activity each month.

What should I take into consideration if I am furloughed or terminated?

All those who are furloughed will not necessarily be terminated, but it is wise to prepare in case this happens.

Look up what applies for things like notice periods for you specifically. Start compiling your CV and introductory letter so that you are ready should you become unemployed.

If you become unemployed you need to register with us on your first day of unemployment. This is most easily done on our website.

How can I see if I am enrolled?

You can log in to My Pages to check your registration. If you are registered with Arbetsförmedlingen, it will say ‘Registered’ (‘Inskriven’) and the registration date under your name. You can also see your registration certificate under My Documents. If it says ‘You are not registered’ (‘Du är inte inskriven’) under your name, you have not been registered.

How do I get a certificate that I'm enrolled?

You can print a certificate stating that you are registered with us. Log in to My Pages with your e-identification and go to ‘My Documents’. You will find your registration certificate in PDF format, which you can print or display.

I did not fill in which unemployment benefit insurance I am a member of when enrolling. What should I do now?

If you did not state that you want to apply for unemployment benefit when you registered, you can phone us and we can notify your unemployment benefit fund. Your registration for unemployment benefit is valid from the date on which you phone or visit us and can provide valid ID.