Other websites in culture and the media

Here you can find other websites that could help you when you are looking for jobs in culture and the media.

Image and design

Image copyright (bildupphovsratt.se)
Illustrator centre (illustratorscentrum.se)
KLYS - Swedish Joint Committee for Artistic and Literary Professionals (klys.se)
University of Arts, Crafts and Design (konstfack.se)
The Swedish Crafts Centre (konsthantverkscentrum.se)
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (konstnarsnamnden.se)
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, IASPIS, (konstnarsnamnden.se) (in Swedish)The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Kulturbryggan, (konstnarsnamnden.se) (in Swedish)
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Konstnärsguiden, (konstnarsnamnden.se) (in Swedish)
The Artists' Association of Sweden (kro.se)
Artists’ Centre (konstnarscentrum.org)
Public Art Agency Sweden (publicartagencysweden.org)
Swedish illustrators and graphic designers (svenskatecknare.se)
Swedish Photographers’ Association (google.com)

Stage and music

Swedish Centre for Dramatic Writing (centrumfordramatik.se)
Dance Alliance (dansalliansen.se)
Dance Centre (danscentrum.se)
eventmarket.com (in Swedish)
Filmcafé (filmcafe.se) (in Swedish)
Folkets Hus and parks (folketshusochparker.se) (in Swedish)
Film Centre (filmcentrum.com)
KLYS - Swedish Joint Committee for Artistic and Literary Professionals (klys.se)
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee international dance programme (konstnarsnamnden.se) (in Swedish)
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee Konstnärsguiden (konstnarsnamnden.se) (in Swedish)
Royal Swedish Academy of Music (musikaliskaakademien.se)
Länsmusiken in Kalmar county (lansmusiken.se) (in Swedish)
Musical chairs (musicalcharis.info)
Music Alliance (musikalliansen.se)
Music Centre (musikcentrumost.se)
Musicians’ Federation (musikerforbundet.se)
Musicians’ Financial Association (musek.se) (in Swedish)
Nationwide Concerts (rikskonserter.se) (in Swedish)
SAMI organisation for Swedish artists and musicians Stage (sami.se) (in Swedish)
StagePool (stagepool.com) (in Swedish)
STIM/Swedish Music (stim.se)
Swedish Performing Arts Association (svenskscenkonst.se)
The Writers Guild of Sweden (dramatiker.se)
The Swedish Union of Professional Musicians (symf.se)
The Theatre Alliance (teateralliansen.se)
Teatercentrum - trade and employer organisation (teatercentrum.se)
The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film (scenochfilm.se)
Casting Directory for the Theatre & Film (artistkatalogen.com)
Teatertidningen - periodical (teatertidningen.se) (in Swedish)
Swedish Performing Arts Coalition (scensverige.se)
STIM (stim.se)
Swedish composers and writers- Skap (skap.se) (in Swedish)
Swedish Society of Composers (fst.se)

Words and media

Administration of literary rights in Sweden (alis.org)
Dagens Media (dagensmedia.se) (in Swedish)
Film Centre (filmcentrum.org)
Authors’ Centre (forfattarcentrum.se) (in Swedish)
The Swedish Union of Journalists (sjf.se)
KLYS Swedish Arts Grants Committee (klys.se)
Swedish Arts Grants Committee (konstnarsnamnden.se) (in Swedish)
Swedish Arts Grans Committee Kulturbryggan (konstnarsnamden.se) (in Swedish)
Swedish Arts Grants Committee Konstnärsguiden (konstnarsnamden.se) (in Swedish)
Mediakompetens (mediakompetens.se) (in Swedish)
MMedia Resource (mediaresurs.com) (in Swedish)
Resumé (resume.se)
Photographers’ Association (sfoto.se)
Swedish Writers’ Union (forfattarforbundet.se) (in Swedish)
The Writers Guild of Sweden (dramatiker.se)
Swedish Authors’ Fund (svff.se)
Swedish Association of Educational Writers (laromedelsforfattarna.se)
Tidningen Journalisten (journalisten.se) (in Swedish)
Translator Centre (oversattarcentrum.se) (in Swedish)


Film Centre (filmcentrum.com)
Film in Skåne (filmiskane.se)
Film in West (filmvast.se) (in Swedish)
Filmpool Nord (filmpoolnord.se) (in Swedish)
Swedish Film Institute (filminstitutet.se)

Danish Musician's Association (dmk.dk) (in Danish)
KK-Foundation (kks.se)
Kulture Fund for Sweden and Finland (kulturfonden.net) (in Swedish and Finnish)
Culture Stockholm (kultur.stockholm.se( (in Swedish)
Nordic Culture Fund (nordiskkulturfond.org)
Nordic Co-operation (norden.org)
Public sector jobs (click culture) (offentligajobb.se (in Swedish)
Region Stockholm (regionstockholm.se)
Swedish Arts Council (kulturradet.se)
Swedish Institute (si.se)
Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities (vitthersakademien.se)