The cruise industry

Here we have collected questions and answers about working in the cruise industry.

How do I get cruise ship addresses?

There are lots of pages on the internet. We have listed a few. You can find more, but many links go to an advertising page for the intended guests.

Cruise Ship Jobs (


International Services - Recruiting Agency (

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What kind of jobs are there on board?

On a cruise ship there are different departments.

The operations department is divided into deck and machine. To apply for a job in operations, previous experience and, where applicable, appropriate qualifications are always required.

Other departments on board are the restaurant department, hotel department, entertainment, casino, shops as well as various types of beauty care, physical exercise as well as medical care. If you have no previous naval experience or appropriate training, a job with cleaning, such as stewardess, could be your first step into the industry.

What should I consider before leaving?

The most important thing is to read the contract carefully. Even the fine print. It can be extensive and be several pages long, but make sure you understand the meaning of it. For example, what happens if for some reason you have to break the contract. The country in which the vessel is registered may be of importance, if you, for example,

have to withdraw unemployment benefit after the end of your employment. Contact the appropriate trade union for more information.

Read more about tax liability rules: Income Tax Act SFS 1999:1229 ( (in Swedish)

Note the wording of Chapter 3, Section 12, especially considering that tax exemption for employment on a foreign ship only applies if the employer is subject to unlimited tax liability in Sweden. Check with your local tax office. Also, make sure you have health and accident insurance that is valid worldwide. If you become ill, you may be disembarked in a foreign port, even if there is a doctor on board.

What is life on board as an employee on a cruise boat like?

The shifts are often long. For many professions, you have a couple of hours off in the middle of the day. You work in the morning and in the evening, seven days a week. Special facilities are provided for employees on board, and you are not allowed to stay in the passenger areas during your free time. You should always look proper when interacting with passengers and offer a high level of service. The shipping company usually provide a uniform, but you must bring your own appropriate shoes. On board, space is limited and usually you share a cabin. You are on board for the sake of the passengers and must be representative and service-minded whenever you meet them.