Digital me – your training in everyday digital knowledge

Digital me is a training course for those who want to get more comfortable with using everyday digital services. Created by Google Digital Academy and Arbetsförmedlingen.

You are surrounded by more and more digital services.


1 minute 5 seconds

It’s never too late to learn to understand and use them. (in Swedish)

Choose the area you are interested in

The course offers three tracks with different subject areas. You choose where you want to begin. The different tracks are:

  • security and integrity
  • communicating digitally
  • job seeking on the internet.

Get started

You can find all the information you need on the course website.

  1. Visit the link.
  2. On the website, select the content that interests you.
  3. Complete one or more parts; you will be guided throughout the course.
  4. Keep going and see your progress.

Material for telling others about

Posters to print out in A3 format (in Swedish) Pdf, 487 kB.
Four different posters that you can print out and put up wherever you want to spread information about There is a QR code on the poster that can be scanned with a mobile phone to go directly to Print them out in A3 format.

Slideshow with information film (in Swedish) Powerpoint, 37 MB.
A PowerPoint presentation that describes what is. The presentation has an informational film with audio but there are also subtitles so that you can show it on, for example, a TV screen, without sound.