More about EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS)

EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) Sweden helps to address labour market shortages and surpluses by supporting jobseekers to exercise their right to freedom of movement across the EU.

It is financed under the Employment and Social Innovation ("EaSI") strand of the ESF+ Regulation 2021/1057 which is a European-level financing instrument managed directly by the European Commission.

TMS Sweden is driven by fair mobility standards and a no-profit principle. It supports sustainable recruitments with fair working condition, social protection, and inclusion.

TMS Sweden is coordinated by Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service) together with several European partners. Duration is until March 2026.

Please refer to the European Commission ( for further information on other EURES TMS projects.

Jobs can be found through the EURES portal where available jobs from all EU countries, Norway and Iceland are published. If you add your CV to the portal, registered employers can find your specific competence.

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