Support for you with a disability

If you have a disability, there are various types of support to improve your opportunities in the labour market. We make an assessment based on your current situation and your circumstances before we take a decision.

Adapted job

If you have a disability that causes your working capacity to be reduced, you can obtain help in finding a job that is adapted to your circumstances. It may involve the workplace and the tasks you perform being adapted, but it can also be adapted working hours. Together with you and your employer, we create the right conditions for you. We provide your employer with financial compensation.

Personal support

You can have various kinds of personal support at your workplace or in connection with studies. Here are some examples of support:

  • If you need help with certain tasks at work, you can have a personal representative. We provide your employer with financial compensation.
  • If you need support with learning, you can obtain educational support when you attend one of our training courses.
  • Support person before and during a period of employment, known as an SIUS consultant.
  • Job at Samhall – for those who need a lot of support and supervision in order to develop your working capacity.

Support when you are applying for a job

Do you need support to enter the labour market or choose a profession? Together with you, we make an assessment of the type of support you need.

Here are some examples of support:

  • Individually adapted support when you are applying for a job. The support is given by private actors who have an agreement with us.
  • Support in taking part in our activities, e.g. sign language interpreter.
  • Guidance to make your transition from school to the workplace as smooth as possible.

Work-oriented rehabilitation

We have staff with special competence in the field of work-oriented rehabilitation, who can work together with you to improve your chances in the labour market. Some of them are employment advisors, but there are also people with special competence in various areas.

Examples of specialists

  • Occupational therapists and physiotherapists
  • Psychologists
  • Social consultants
  • Deafness consultants, audiologists
  • Sight specialists
We will work together with you to determine whether you need contact with any of these.


You can obtain grants for aids to make things easier for you at the workplace. Your employer can also obtain grants for aids, or if equipment or your workplace needs to be adapted for you.

You can obtain grants during the first 12 months of the period of employment. If you have been working for longer than 12 months, you can still obtain aids, but you must then contact the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

Aids at the workplace

Grant for literature and interpreters for persons with visual or hearing impairments

If you are employed by a company, your employer can apply for a grant if you require sign language interpreting, interpreting of written materials, signing interpreting as support or deaf-blind interpreting, in conjunction with in-service training or education. If you have a visual impairment, your employer can also receive a grant for a reader to record professional literature on audio media in conjunction with your participation in in-service training or education.

Suggest that your employer apply for this grant. Information for employers can be found here.

More support for you with a disability