Support if you are unemployed

If you are unemployed, or if you have special needs, you can get extra help and support from us. Here you can see what kind of help you can get.



Labour market training, arbetsmarknadsutbildning, makes you more attractive on the relevant labour market. The training is often tailor made together with a specific employer and often leads directly to a job.


Do you need to gain work experience to increase your chances of getting a job? Then a work experience placement, arbetspraktik, could be right for you. Experience in a workplace can also be a useful option if you are preparing to start your own business.


Do you need to try to work to be able to start or return to work? If so, work training may be right for you. Work training involves supervised participation in the activities at a workplace.


Bidrag för personligt biträde

You can get support and help from a person at your workplace if you have reduced working capacity due to a disability. Your employer will then receive a grant to allocate staff for this.

Bidrag till uppstartskostnader vid start av näringsverksamhet

If you have a good business idea that could be profitable and have a disability that causes reduced working capacity, you can get a contribution for costs associated with starting up your business.



A programme with activities, training and education for some newly-arrived immigrants so they can learn Swedish as quickly as possible, find a job and provide for themselves.


When you need help entering the labor market, you can at the same time become an extra resource in welfare, the public sector, cultural sector or non-profit sector.


Förstärkt arbetsträning

Do you need to try out a job in order to find out what kind of work is right for you? With enhanced job training, you can have a job placement with supervised involvement in work.


Hjälpmedel på arbetsplatsen

You can get a contribution for aids and facilities so that you can do your job. Your employer can also receive a contribution for aids and facilities or adaptation of your workplace.


Individuellt pedagogiskt stöd vid utbildning

You can get pedagogical support, as well as related aids and facilities, when you participate in some of our training and education programmes.


People who are new in Sweden and taking part in the Establishment Programme can study at a fast pace or do an intensive internship at a place of work. To find a job quickly, you will combine full-time study/internship with spare-time activities.


When you need help getting into the labour market. You can combine the introductory job with studies, which improves your own skills and meets employers' needs.

Introduktion till arbete

You can receive support via special resources to prepare you for work if you are not yet ready to apply for a job or attend an educational programme/training course.


Jobbgarantin för ungdomar

A programme for those under the age of 25, offering, for example, support with job-seeking, an internship, or study and career guidance.

Jobb- och utvecklingsgarantin

A programme for those who have been unemployed for a long time and need help to return to working life.



At the career guidance service, you can get help from a study and career guidance worker to help you get started on the job market. The service is provided by our suppliers.



If you have reduced working capacity due to a disability, you can get a job that is tailored to your circumstances. At the same time, your employer can receive financial support for your wages.



If you have been unemployed for a long time or been away from working life, because of illness for example, a new start job gives you a chance to start again.


Projekt med arbetsmarknadspolitisk inriktning

There may be labour market policy projects in your area that we run together with others. If there is an appropriate project in your area, you may be invited to participate.

Psykosocialt anpassningsstöd

If you feel uncomfortable in social situations at work or unsure about what psychosocial requirements apply in the workplace, you can get help from us.


Rusta och matcha

Prepare and Match is a service for those who need extra support when applying for jobs. You pick a provider yourself and get a supervisor to help you on your journey to a job or education.



With a job at Samhall, you have the opportunity to develop your ability to work and your professional skills. You have support and supervision while there.

Särskild stödperson för introduktions- och uppföljningsstöd – SIUS

If you have a disability, you can get support and help when you are looking for a job or when you are new to a workplace. A support person will help you train for tasks and other things that are needed for you to get a job.

Skyddat arbete hos offentlig arbetsgivare

A specially adapted job for those who have a disability.


A faster way into the labour market for those who are new to Sweden and have experience or training in a trade or profession where there is a great need for staff.

Starta eget, stöd till start av näringsverksamhet

If you are a job seeker and are well placed to run a business, you can in some cases get support and help when you start up your own business. At the start of the business, you receive a contribution in the form of activity support.

Stöd och matchning

Support and matching is for those who need intensive and individually adapted support when looking for a job. You will be assisted by a supervisor from one of our suppliers. The supervisor supports you on your path to work or studies.

Studiemotiverande kurs på folkhögskola

Try studying, discover your own driving forces and find your way forward to study or work. With activities for finding motivation, training in study techniques and with the focus on the core subjects, you will be better equipped to continue studying. This will improve your chances of getting a job

Studiestöd för utbildning på grundskole- och gymnasienivå

Having an upper-secondary education increases your chances of getting a job. Build on your basic education with support from us and other government agencies.

Studiestöd för utbildning på yrkeshögskola, högskola och universitet

To increase your chances of getting a job you can extend your competence with studies at university, university college or post upper secondary level. If you are new to Sweden and have a trade or profession where there is a great need for people there are even more opportunities.

Svenska för invandrare

If you are a new arrival in Sweden, on the Swedish for immigrants course you learn the basics of the Swedish language. The municipality where you are registered organises the course.



Applies to you participating in the introduction programme but with little or no previous education. It means that you need to get an education in order to increase your chances of finding employment.



Validation means that you have your competence and knowledge assessed. This applies to the knowledge you have acquired through studies, at work and in everyday life.



With vocational introduction employment, you learn a trade or profession, get experience and increase your chances of getting a job.

Yrkes- och studieförberedande moduler

The professional and study preparatory module is a guidance course through the Swedish Public Employment Service to provide you support in finding a profession to begin studying to join.