Do you need to gain work experience to increase your chances of getting a job? Then a work experience placement, arbetspraktik, could be right for you. Experience in a workplace can also be a useful option if you are preparing to start your own business.


Arbetspraktik means that you try out working in a workplace. By gaining work experience, you maintain and strengthen your skills.

If you are new to Sweden and have a profession or trade, but have little or no experience of Swedish working life, you can have your competence assessed by a supervisor during the work experience. The assessment is useful when you are looking for a job. The assessment takes up to three weeks and can be done at a workplace, a vocational college or similar.

For whom

A work experience placement is for those who need to gain work experience and thereby increase their chances of getting a job. You need to be registered as a job seeker with us. You also need to satisfy one of the following:

  • You are at least 25 years of age, registered as a jobseeker with the Public Employment Service, and are or are at risk of becoming unemployed.
  • You are at least 18 years of age and are far from entering the labour market.
  • You are participating in the Youth Job Programme (jobbgarantin för ungdomar) or in the Job and Development Programme (jobb- och utvecklingsgarantin).
  • You are currently or have participated in the introduction programme (etableringsprogrammet).
  • You have a disability that affects your ability to work.

How it works

  • We assess whether a work experience placement would be a good support for you.
  • You then need to find a work experience placement (praktikplats), either on your own or with our help. You can do this placement with a company, organisation, or government agency. The workplace must be a legal entity or an individual engaged in business.
  • We will plan the work experience placement together with you and the employer. We will also contact the union.
  • After your work experience, you will receive a certificate from the work experience place that describes the experience you have received. If your work experience programme includes an assessment of your professional competence, you will receive a written result of the assessment.

Benefit and conditions

When you receive this support, you are taking part in a programme. You can then apply for benefit from Försäkringskassan. Here, you will find out more about how to apply for the benefit and what rules apply when you take part in one of our programmes.

When you take part in a programme

How to take the next step

Contact us

Prepare yourself to explain why the support could increase your job opportunities.


We review your situation together. An employment officer assesses whether the support is a good way to increase your job opportunities.


What support we can offer you depends on what your situation looks like. Who is entitled to any kind of support is ultimately regulated by the government.