An equal and fair country

In Sweden, women and men are to have the same rights, obligations and opportunities. Society must also be free from discrimination.

A resounding yes to gender equality

Sweden strives for equality in all areas of life. In order to achieve gender equality, the goal is to put the same value on what women and men do.

The Riksdag (the Swedish parliament) has decided that society in Sweden is to be more equal. This means, for example, that

  • women and men can influence political decisions in the same way
  • women and men can study and earn money in the same way, which brings economic independence for their entire lives
  • women and men are to have the same opportunities to take care of children and to share responsibility for the unpaid work that needs to be done at home
  • men’s violence against women is to cease
  • women and men, girls and boys, are to have the same right to decide over their own bodies.

About Sweden's gender equality work (

A definite no to discrimination

In Sweden people are protected against discrimination. Discrimination means that a person is treated less well than others.

Discrimination is prohibited if it is due to:

  1. gender
  2. gender identity or expression
  3. ethnic background
  4. religion or other faith
  5. a disability
  6. sexual orientation
  7. age.

All workplaces and schools are to have a plan to prevent discrimination. You can report anyone who discriminates to the Discrimination Ombudsman (DO).

DO – the Discrimination Ombudsman (

Rights and obligations

You have both rights and obligations at your place of work and in relation to your employer. Issues concerning what applies to you as an employee and to your employer are called labour law.

Rights and obligations