Feedback about our activities

Here you can leave feedback on our activities. Feedback can be both about what you think works well and what works less well. Please read common comments and questions before contacting us.

Responses to common feedback and questions

I want to get in contact with an employment officer

The easiest way to get a quick response is to ask your question using our chatbot. If you have questions about a personal matter, you can call or chat with an employment officer.

Contact us

I have received a letter about a warning/sanction from my unemployment insurance fund

If you have received a warning or reduced compensation from your unemployment insurance fund, this may be because:

  • you have not actively applied for jobs
  • you have not submitted your activity report on time, or
  • you have missed an appointment with Arbetsförmedlingen

If you have questions or feedback about the decision, get in touch with your unemployment insurance fund.

Conditions when receiving compensation from unemployment insurance

If you are unsure why Arbetsförmedlingen has sent a message to your unemployment insurance fund, you need to contact an employment officer.

Contact us

I have received a letter of warning or suspension regarding the right to compensation in a program

When you participate in a programme and receive activity support, development allowance or introduction benefit, it is important that you meet the conditions.

This means that you need to

  • follow the plan you have with us (if you are supported by one of our providers, you must also follow the plan with your have with your supervisor)
  • leave your activity report to us every month
  • participate in meetings and other activities
  • actively apply for jobs, unless you have another agreement with us.

If you do not meet the conditions, you may receive a warning or be without compensation for one or more days.

Conditions for your compensation in programmes

I have received a decision I am dissatisfied with

If you are dissatisfied with a decision you have received from Arbetsförmedlingen, it may be possible to request reconsideration of the decision.

Request reconsideration of a decision

I want to access a document

You can request access to public documents held by Arbetsförmedlingen.

Accessing public documents

I have technical problems with Arbetsförmedlingen’s website

If you have technical problems with our digital services, such as logging in or reporting your activities, you can report the fault to us.

Report a technical problem

I have feedback about a provider

If you have feedback about a provider we have procured, for example when using support and matching, prepare and match or taking part in an employment training programme, you can submit it to us.

Submit feedback about our providers

Submit feedback

If you have read common feedback and questions and not found the answer there, you can submit your feedback or your complaint using the form below.

You can submit feedback anonymously but we will need your contact details if you want us to get back to you.

If your feedback means that we need access to your case with Arbetsförmedlingen, you also need to fill in your personal data.

I am (voluntary information) * (mandatory)
I am (voluntary information)

My point of view arose in contact with Arbetsförmedlingen via (mandatory information) * (mandatory)
My point of view arose in contact with Arbetsförmedlingen via (mandatory information)

I want to give feedback about (voluntary information) * (mandatory)
I want to give feedback about (voluntary information)


We need your contact details in order to contact you.
We need your contact details in order to contact you.

Do you have protected personal data or have difficulty filling in the form?

Then you can leave your feedback by telephone. Telephone hours are Monday–Friday 9–12.

For jobseekers: +46 771-416 416
For employers: +46 771-508 508
For providers: +46 771-717 717


All information you send to us becomes a public document. Through the disclosure of documents, the general public is given the right to access public documents, with the exception of data that is classified.