Accessing public documents

You can request access to public documents or information that is held by Arbetsförmedlingen. We send out documents and information after we have checked the content for confidentiality.

Please check our FAQ section at the bottom of the page before contacting us.

Do you want to be anonymous?

If so, you can order documents by phone. You can read or collect copies of the documents from our head office. Call +46 771-60 00 00 and ask to speak to a registry clerk. The registrar’s office is open Monday–Friday 9:00–11:00.

Also contact us by telephone if you have a protected identity.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I have a protected identity?

If you or the person you are requesting information about have a protected identity, you must not use the form above when requesting documents. Contact us by telephone instead and we will help with your request. Call +46 771-60 00 00 and ask to speak to a registry clerk. The registrar’s office is open Monday–Friday 9:00–11:00.

Why do I need to provide my contact details?

We need your contact details so we can send you documents and so that we will be able to ask you any questions we may have about your request.

Do not use the form if your identity is protected.

What documents or information can I obtain via My Pages?

When you log into My Pages, you can see decisions and other documents that relate to your own case. You can see these on My Pages free of charge.

What other ways are there to request documents?

If you are unable or do not want to use the form, you can email our registry clerk instead.

Registry clerk´s email adress

How long does it take before I will get the documents I have requested?

We process the requests we receive expeditiously and in the order they are received. How long processing takes will depend on whether we have received sufficient information from you in order to understand what documents or information are being requested or on how extensive your request is.

Can I receive the documents by email?

In some cases we can offer to send documents by email, but this will depend on whether the documents are public or confidential and whether they contain sensitive personal data.

Does it cost anything to get copies of documents?

If you wish to have copies of public documents, Arbetsförmedlingen charges a fee in accordance with the Fees Ordinance, meaning there will be a charge if your request is for 10 pages or more.

The fee for paper copies of public documents is calculated as follows:

The first nine pages are free of charge. The tenth page costs SEK 50 and each subsequent page costs SEK 2.

Arbetsförmedlingen also charges a fee for public documents that are sent electronically. The first nine files are free of charge and the tenth file costs SEK 125. Each subsequent file costs SEK 5.

You can also read documents on site free of charge. Where exactly this is will depend on where the documents are kept.

What needs to appear in a consent or power of attorney?

A consent or power of attorney must clearly show who is giving the consent or power of attorney and who is receiving the consent or power of attorney to access information about you, as well as what the purpose of this is. For example, it must show what information can be accessed.