Contact for authorities, municipalities and unemployment insurance funds

For you within an authority, municipality or unemployment insurance fund who have questions related to job seekers. We release information that is needed in the processing by other authorities after the request for release has been received and tested for confidentiality. Please also contact us in case of consultation questions or technical problems. Here, employee organizations can also apply for government grants for submitting statements.

Request for disclosure of personal data or documents

If the jobseeker has protected identity, please do not use our forms. Then contact us by phone instead. Incoming cases are handled in turn order, usually you will receive a response within four working days.

Form for request when you work at an unemployment insurance fund

Form for request form when you work for a municipality

Form for request form when you work for a government agency

Form for request form when you work in a region (county council-linked healthcare providers only – not private)

Tell us about suspected benefit fraud

Here, employees at an authority, municipality or unemployment insurance fund can tip Arbetsförmedlingen if they suspect that an employer who receives benefits from us is cheating. We investigate all cases.

Form for reporting suspected grant fraud

Report a technical problem

If you have technical problems related to, for example, file transfer, government grants and information exchange, you can report the problem to us.

Problem report form

Download data

As an administrator in financial assistance, you can retrieve information about jobseekers via the system support SSBTEK.

Retrieving information in AFLI (in Swedish)


Use one of the forms in the first place.

Please see frequently asked questions and answers further down the page before contacting us.

Telephone: +46 771-717 717

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9-16

  • New Year’s Day 1 January: Closed
  • Epiphany Eve 5 January that falls Monday–Friday: 8–12
  • Epiphany (Trettondedag jul) 6 January: Closed
  • Maundy Thursday (Skärtorsdagen): 8:00-14:30
  • Good Friday (Långfredagen): Closed
  • Holy Saturday (Påskafton): Closed
  • Easter Sunday (Påskdagen): Closed
  • Easter Monday (Annandag påsk): Closed
  • Walpurgis Night 30 April on a Monday-Thursdag: 8-14
  • Walpurgis Night 30 April on a Friday: 8-11.30
  • May Day (Första maj): Closed
  • Ascension Day (Kristi himmelfärdsdag): Closed
  • Whitsun Eve (Pingstafton): Closed
  • Whitsun (Pingstdagen): Closed
  • The National Day 6 June: Closed
  • Midsummer Eve: Closed
  • Midsummer Day: Closed
  • The day before All Saints' Day: 8-12
  • All Saints' Day (Alla helgons dag): Closed
  • 23 December that falls on a Friday: 8-12
  • Christmas Eve 24 December: Closed
  • Christmas Day 25 December: Closed
  • Boxing Day (Annandag jul) 26 December: Closed
  • New Year’s Eve 31 December: Closed

Frequently asked questions when calling our public sector phone number

What types of cases can I get help with over the phone?

You can request documented information about jobseekers and talk to us about different types of consultation issues. For example, you may need to get in touch with an employment officer when you are processing financial assistance and need to consult on possible measures.

Can I help a jobseeker by phone to get an referral, an action plan updated or a decision on a measure via Arbetsförmedlingen?

No. In order for Arbetsförmedlingen to be able to assign, update planning or decide on an initiative for the jobseeker, it is required that they themselves participate in the conversation and participate in the planning. This is done in conversation with an employment officer, and as a jobseeker you can choose to get support from another person in the conversation if necessary in contacts with authorities. The jobseeker may then invite the person to participate in the discussion. In these cases, the jobseeker calls 0771-416 416 together with his assistant.

Do I get an answer right away?

The cases are handled in turn, usually you will receive a response within four working days. The answer will be sent written to the official postal address, addressed to you as the author of the question.

Keep in mind that

All information you send to us becomes a public document. Public access to documents gives the public the right of access to official documents, with the exception of information that is to be classified.