Are you from Ukraine and looking for work?

Have you moved to Sweden due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Here, you can read about how to register as a jobseeker and look for a job in Sweden.

In March 2022, the EU activated the Temporary Protection Directive. With support from the Temporary Protection Directive, as a refugee from Ukraine, you can receive a temporary residence permit in Sweden. Apply for it from the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) ( With a temporary residence permit, you are entitled to work in Sweden.

If you want help looking for a job in Sweden, you can sign up (register) with the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen). You have the right to an interpreter when interacting with the Public Employment Service.

How do I register as unemployed?


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If you would like support in seeking a job in Sweden you can register with Arbetsförmedlingen.

What kind of jobs are available?


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There are many industries in Sweden that are recruiting personnel.

Sign up

Register with the Public Employment Service by visiting a service office (

You must bring:

  • valid identification, such as a passport, and the residence permit or confirmation of application for extended residency that you received from the Swedish Migration Agency.
  • a coordination number (samordningsnummer ( If you have a coordination number, bring it with you. If you have not received a coordination number, you can apply for one at the service office. A coordination number confirms the identity of a person who is not listed in the Swedish Population Register.

It is not possible to sign up here on our website because you must have a Swedish personal identity number and you must be listed in the Swedish Population Register.

Planning meeting

Once you have signed up, you will be offered a planning meeting with an Employment Officer (in English or with an interpreter if needed).

At the meeting, you and the Employment Officer will go through, among other things:

  • your skills
  • what jobs you are looking for
  • what support you can receive from us
  • how to achieve your goals.

If you have access to your certifications and transcripts, do bring them to the planning meeting. It is possible to have your transcript translated.

Additional support

You can get help applying for a job through our digital services, such as

  • Platsbanken, Sweden’s biggest job search website (listings in Swedish)
  • Webinars, podcasts and videos on Play, with tips for finding a job (Swedish and English)
  • Find an occupation, learn what is required for different professions (in Swedish, use the Google translate-function for translation)
  • Interest guide, answer questions and receive suggested professions that are suitable for you based on your interests (in Swedish, use the Google translate-function for translation)

You do not have access to support such as employment training (arbetsmarknadsutbildning), validation of competencies (validering) or work experience (arbetspraktik). Nor can you take part in the introduction programme (etableringsprogrammet), Youth Job Programme (jobbgarantin för ungdomar), or the Job and Development Programme (jobb och utvecklingsgarantin). This is because our insurance does not cover people who are not listed in the Swedish Population Register.

However, it is possible to receive some forms of individual recruitment incentive (anställningsstöd) because in that case, the insurance is handled by the employer. Certain requirements must be met for each form of support. You can discuss which support works for you with an Employment Officer.

Support is:

Labour market entry agreement

Labour market entry agreement (etableringsjobb) is a form of subsidized employment. If you've been unemployed for an extended period of time or fall into a specific category of newcomers, you may qualify for an etableringsjobb. In this scenario, you need to find an employer willing to hire you for an etableringsjobb position. This form of employment is temporary, lasting up to two years on a full-time basis with the employer who brings you on board. The aim for the etableringsjobb is to lead to a permanent position.

Introductory jobs
An introductory job is a job with a private or public employer that gives you the opportunity to enter working life. The company that employs you will also receive a subsidy for your salary. An introductory job can be either a permanent or a temporary job. You can also have a part-time introductory job if you have permanently reduced working capacity.

New Start Jobs
New Start Jobs give people who have been away from working life for a long time a chance to get back into it again. The company that employs you will also receive a subsidy for your salary. New Start Jobs can be permanent or temporary jobs and either full or part time. For an employer to be able to hire you with the help of a new start job, you must have been signed up and registered as unemployed for six months in a nine-month period.

Wage subsidy
If you have a disability, you can get a job that is adapted to your circumstances. Wage subsidy is a financial subsidy for your employer to compensate the employer for adapting the job and the workplace to your circumstances. You can work for both private and public employers. You can have a permanent or a temporary job and you can work either full time or part time.

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