Are you from Ukraine and looking for work?

Have you fled to Sweden due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? You will find information here about what applies when looking for work in Sweden. We update this page continuously.

How do I register as unemployed?


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If you would like support in seeking a job in Sweden you can register with Arbetsförmedlingen.

What kind of jobs are available?


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There are many industries in Sweden that are recruiting personnel.

As a refugee from Ukraine, do I have the right to work in Sweden?

Yes. The European Union has decided to activate the Temporary Protection Directive. By virtue of the Temporary Protection Directive, those who have fled Ukraine can receive a residence permit with temporary protection in Sweden. You can apply for this at Migrationsverket (the Swedish Migration Agency). When you have a temporary residence permit you have the right to work in Sweden.

If you want support to look for work in Sweden, you can register with Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service).

How do I register?

You register with Arbetsförmedlingen by visiting a service office (Statens servicecenter).

When registering, please bring:

  • valid proof of identity such as a passport, and the residence permit you have received from Migrationsverket (the Swedish Migration Agency).
  • a coordination number (samordningsnummer Skatteverket). If you have a coordination number, bring this with you. If you have not received a coordination number, you can apply for one at the service office. A coordination number is an identification for people who are not registered as living in Sweden.

At present, it is not possible to register online as this requires a Swedish personal identity number and for you to be registered as living in Sweden. Arbetsförmedlingen is investigating whether it will be possible to register online in the future.

What happens after I have been registered with Arbetsförmedlingen?

When you have registered, you will be offered a planning discussion with an employment officer (in English or with an interpreter if necessary).

In the planning discussion we will together decide what kind of support you need in your jobseeking or whether you can apply for work on your own. If you have access to your certificates and grades, please have these to hand at the planning conversation.

What individual recruitment incentive can I obtain when I am registered with Arbetsförmedlingen?

People from Ukraine who have been granted a residence permit under the Temporary Protection Directive and are registered with Arbetsförmedlingen can access certain jobs with support. There are certain requirements that need to be met for each type of support.

The types of support available are:

New Start Jobs
New Start Jobs give people who have been away from working life for a long time a chance to get back into it again. The company that employs you will also receive a subsidy for your salary. New Start Jobs can be permanent or temporary jobs and either full or part time.

Vocational introduction jobs
A vocational introduction job gives you the opportunity to learn an occupation while you work and receive a salary. You are helped by a supervisor while you are working. At least 15 per cent of your working hours consist of training or guidance. The company that employs you will also receive a subsidy for your salary. A vocational introduction job can be either a permanent or a temporary job. You can have a vocational introduction job for a minimum of six months and a maximum of 12 months.

Introductory jobs
An introductory job is a job with a private or public employer that gives you the opportunity to enter working life. The company that employs you will also receive a subsidy for your salary. An introductory job can be either a permanent or a temporary job. You can also have a part-time introductory job if you have permanently reduced working capacity.

Wage subsidy
If you have a disability, you can get a job that is adapted to your circumstances. Wage subsidy is a financial subsidy for your employer to compensate the employer for adapting the job and the workplace to your circumstances. You can work for both private and public employers. You can have a permanent or a temporary job and you can work either full time or part time.

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Find vacancies

Vacancies that employers report to Arbetsförmedlingen can be found in our job database Platsbanken.

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