Activity support and development allowance

When you are looking for work and taking part in one of our programmes, you can receive benefit from Försäkringskassan for that period. The benefit you receive is called activity support or development allowance.

How do I receive benefit?

Once you have been enrolled in one of our programmes you apply for benefit from Försäkringskassan (The Swedish Social Insurance Agency). You apply for a month at a time in arrears. The easiest way is to apply on Försäkringskassan’s website. Here you can also read more about how to apply and when the money will be paid out to you.

Apply for benefit from Försäkringskassan

What is required to receive benefit?

When you take part in a programme, it is important that you follow the plan you have with us. This means for example that you need to take part in the activities we have agreed on. You also need to be active and apply for jobs if this is included in your plan.

You need to report your activities every month and notify us if you fall sick.

How much money do I receive?

When you take part in a programme, you receive a fixed amount per day for a maximum of five days a week. You receive benefit for every day you take part in your programme.

Your benefit per day depends among other things on how old you are and whether you satisfy the requirements for unemployment benefit or not. You can read about the size of the benefit on Försäkringskassan’s website.


Questions and answers

When is the money paid to me?

Försäkringskassan pays you the money on the 26th of every month. For you to be able to receive the money on the 26th Försäkringskassan must have your application by the 7th of every month at the latest.

If you apply later than the 7th, your benefit will be paid at the earliest on the 26th of the following month. If you do not apply before the end of the month, you risk receiving no benefit for the entire previous month.

What happens if I fall sick?

If you fall sick, it is important that you report this to us on the very first day that you are sick. Otherwise you may lose your benefit for the days that you are sick. To keep your compensation after your seventh day of sickness, you need to submit a doctor’s certificate which indicates that you cannot participate in your programme.

If you fall sick

What happens if my child falls sick?

If you need to stay at home to take care of children who have fallen sick, it is important that you contact us on the very first day.

If you take care of a sick child

What do I do if I need time off?

If you need time off, you must first obtain our consent.

Can I work at the same time as I am taking part in a programme and receiving benefit?

Yes, you can work while you are taking part in a programme. But your benefit will then be reduced by the amount that you are paid in wages. It is Försäkringskassan that makes that calculation.

Can I receive parental allowance at the same time as I receive benefit?

Yes, you can receive parental allowance while you are taking part in a programme. But your benefit is then reduced by the amount you are paid in parental allowance.

If you are taking part in the establishment programme

If you are taking part in the establishment programme, you can receive introduction benefit and possibly also a housing supplement or establishment supplement. Read about what benefit you are entitled to.

Introduction benefit

Warning or lost benefit

If you do not comply with the conditions for benefit, you may receive a warning or lose your benefit for one or several days.

Warning or lost payment from Försäkringskassan