Vocational college

At vocational colleges, you will find training aimed at specific occupations. The courses are designed to meet the needs of the labour market.


Vocational colleges offer higher vocational education aimed at specific occupations. Education is in two levels:

  • Education for the Higher Vocational Education Diploma, at least one year’s study.
  • Education for the Advanced Higher Vocational Education Diploma, at least two years’ study.

Some courses require specific prior knowledge, for example that you have taken certain upper secondary courses or have certain work experience.


  • There is education and training in many different industries and throughout the country.
  • The education and training is designed according to the labour market’s needs for skills and in close collaboration with working life.
  • During your studies, you meet employers at presentations, in projects and on internships. The education and training combines studies with work experience.
  • Some education can be taken remotely.


Most higher vocational education takes between one and two years. To be able to qualify for a diploma, the education must be at least one year long.