Folk high school

At folk high school, you can take subjects or courses at secondary and upper secondary level. The education and training is also aimed at various areas of interest.


  • General courses. An alternative to municipal adult education (komvux). Education at a primary level, as well as education and training at upper secondary level that can provide the full upper secondary education. You can also take individual courses that you may need to find a job more easily. The folk high school courses can qualify for university and university college.
  • Special courses with different profile subjects, such as art or music. However, these courses are not part of secondary or upper secondary education.


  • You study in small groups and learning often takes place through discussion and joint learning in groups. It is normal to work on projects.
  • The education and training is adapted to the participants’ previous knowledge and experience.
  • Some schools and courses offer residential accommodation. This provides both study and a social community.
  • Some courses can be taken remotely.
  • With general courses, you get a student assessment rather than a grade. If you then wish to study further at university college, you apply in a special selection group for students from folk high school.


At folk high school you can take everything from short summer courses to educational programmes of up to four years.

If you participate in any of our programmes

When you participate in the introduction programme, you can take a secondary or upper secondary education at folk high school.

Study allowance for education at secondary and upper secondary level

If you need help to prepare for secondary or upper secondary studies, preparatory courses are available at folk high school.

Preparatory courses at folk high school