University and university college

At university and university college, you can choose between individual courses or whole programmes from bachelor (first cycle) up to researcher (third cycle) level.


At university and university college, you can take individual courses or whole programmes. There is a wide range of courses and programmes to choose from. The admission requirements vary depending on the education. There are about 50 universities and university colleges in Sweden.

Courses and programmes are divided into three levels: first cycle, second cycle and third cycle. You always start at first cycle level.


  • The studies consist of teaching and individual study. Different subjects have different forms of teaching. The number of hours of scheduled teaching also varies between different courses and programmes
  • You can study full time or part time.
  • Some education can be taken remotely.


At first cycle level, most programmes are for three years if you study full time. After the first cycle, you can study at second cycle level for one or two years.

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