Get started on learning Swedish

In order for you to be able to start working and becoming a part of the Swedish society it is important that you learn Swedish.

Language is an important key to our society

Start learning Swedish as quickly as possible. It is important for you to be able to establish yourself in the Swedish society. Remember that you often learn the language more efficiently if you combine your studies with other activities. Not all jobs demand perfect Swedish in the beginning; instead you will have the opportunity to learn on the job.

Learn Swedish on your own

You can practice Swedish on your own with the help of different free online services. At Information Sverige (Information Sweden) you will find tips for apps, videos, dictionaries and much more.

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Swedish for Immigrants, SFI

Swedish for Immigrants, SFI, is a language course for people who are over 16 who do not have basic skills in Swedish. You will learn how to speak, read and write in Swedish and will practice using the language in day to day settings and at work. The course also provides you with information about how the Swedish society works. The course is arranged by your municipality and is available in different levels to suit everybody. You do not need to pay a fee to participate in the course.

You can apply for SFI at your municipality.

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Practice Swedish together with other people

Several of the free services for learning Swedish are very suitable to use together with your friends. Practicing Swedish together becomes more fun as well as more effective.

A good way to learn Swedish is to talk to people who already speak Swedish. Municipalities and different organisations arrange, for example, language cafés where you can practice your Swedish. You can also get help to contact a Swedish person who will become your language friend or refugee guide. At Information Sverige you will find more tips and links.

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Vocational Swedish

Vocational Swedish is a course in Sweden that is adapted to different industries and professions. That means that you will learn the Swedish you will need to work in a certain professional field. The course is a preparation for vocational training, work experience or a job. You need to be enrolled as a job seeker at the Public Employment Service in order to participate in this course.

Learn Swedish

At Information Sverige’s website you will find different types of aids and tools where you can practice Swedish on your own or with other people.

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