Upper secondary education increases your chances of finding a job

It might feel daunting to start studying if you haven't completed compulsory or upper secondary school. But having an education always pays off. Your chances of employment increase when you have completed an upper secondary education. A guidance counsellor can assist you in taking the next step.

Why is it important to have completed an upper secondary education?

  • Upper secondary education is often a requirement for employment in Sweden.
  • Individuals who haven't completed an upper secondary education are more frequently registered with Arbetsförmedlingen for longer periods, while those who have completed an upper secondary education get employed more quickly.
  • Completing a vocationally oriented upper secondary education, can increase your chances of finding a job quickly. Right now, there's a high demand for bus and tram drivers, and plumbers, as well as in healthcare and home care.

Information from Arbetsförmedlingen’s Analytics Department. Labour market prospects, spring 2023 (in Swedish)

Labour market prospects, spring 2023 (in Swedish)

Get started with your education

There are two different educational paths for those who want to complete primary or upper secondary school. You can study at Komvux in your municipality or at a Folkhögskola (folk high school).

Guidance counsellors are available to help you (subtitles in English)


33 seconds

There is support and guidance available for those considering completing primary or upper secondary school.

Tommie and Eveen succeeded in their education

Listen to Tommie and Eveen talk about their experience studying at Komvux and Folkhögskola (folk high school). The videos are in Swedish.

Tommie was tired of school and dropped out (subtitles in English)


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Tommie is completing his primary and upper secondary education at a folk high school.

Eveen had no education and didn’t speak Swedish (subtitles in English)


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Eveen learned to speak Swedish and completed her primary and upper secondary education through Komvux.

Good to know

In some municipalities, courses only start once per term. In others, courses start multiple times throughout the year. Don’t forget to submit your application before the deadline. Contact a guidance counsellor to find dates that suit you. If you prefer to find dates on your own, you can take a look at your municipality's or folk high school's website.

Yes, you can apply for student aid from CSN (the Swedish Board of Student Finance) if you meet their requirements. Some unemployed individuals can also apply for the education entry grant from CSN. It's a grant that can help you finance you studies without taking a loan. A guidance counsellor can help you find out what suits you best.

If you are registered with Arbetsförmedlingen, and education is the best way for you to get a job, you may be eligible for the activity grant (aktivitetsstöd). Talk to your case administrator at Arbetsförmedlingen for assistance.

More about studying with financial support

Komvux (adult education) is designed for individuals who need to supplement their prior education from primary or upper secondary school. You can study individual subjects or entire programmes that you haven’t studied beforehand. You can also retake subjects to improve your grades. Komvux courses and programmes follow the same curriculum as upper secondary schools. You decide on the pace and the number of subjects you want to take, with the help of a guidance counsellor. Together, you create a study plan that suits you.

An alternative to Komvux is folk high school (folkhögskola). At a folk high school, you actively influence your education. Discussions and conversations are crucial, and participants learn from each other. The content and duration of courses are adjusted, based on your prior knowledge and aspirations. Folk high schools do not grade individual subjects, but a folk high school education can be equated with an upper secondary education. Therefore, a folk high school education may help you qualify for university studies or vocational training. Instead of grades, you receive an overall study assessment. If you already have a passing grade in a subject, you can't change or improve it at a folk high school, as they do not issue grades for individual subjects."

Information on different forms of education for adults, from Skolverket (the Swedish National Agency for Education) (skolverket.se, in Swedish)

Yes, you can often combine education at komvux or folk high schools with courses in the Swedish language. This is known as combined education. Contact a guidance counsellor from your municipality, or at the folk high school where you want to study, to receive help with finding the right courses.

Komvux and folk high schools can often provide support and adjustments for those who need extra help. Contact a guidance counsellor from your municipality or the folk high school where you want to study to learn more about the support they can offer.

On our website, we've compiled information about different professions and their educational requirements. You'll also find videos featuring individuals talking about their professions.

Find an occupation (in Swedish)

Yes, we have several tests and guides that can help you. Our Interest Guide can help you find careers that suit you. Additionally, we offer career forecasts and career guidance. Feel free to explore these at your own pace.

Occupations and the future