Guidance material for educators, study counsellors and vocational guidance counsellors

What do school pupils know about the labour market and choosing an occupation? Far too little, as they say in various surveys. With this material, you can increase young people’s knowledge about the labour market, occupations and studies.

Man i blå skjorta i lektionssal framför elever

The content of the guidance material is primarily aimed at pupils in secondary and upper secondary school, but it can of course also be used for adults who need guidance. With links to statistics, facts, interviews, lists, films, tests, discussion questions and information, the pupils can analyse and formulate their ambitions, knowledge and skills. And find out for themselves the route they want to take. We also present what Arbetsförmedlingen does and tell them about the working world.

How to use the material

Each section is a PowerPoint presentation with pictures. The pictures act as visual support to the content of the notes field for each slide. You can use the material with a whole class, in smaller groups or with individual pupils/participants.

Each chapter has a task and one or more discussion questions. The idea is to activate pupils/participants, inspire thoughts and provide space for individual reflection. To get the most out of the content in the presentation, the educator, supervisor, study counsellor or vocational guidance counsellor should guide the pupils/participants through the presentation with the aid of the script in the notes field.

Each chapter should take about 40 minutes to go through.

At the bottom of each section description below you will find a link to the presentation. When you click on the link, you download a PowerPoint presentation. In some cases, your browser will be set to open it directly in the browser. You can then right-click the link and select to save the file on your computer, if this is your preference. When you want to present the section to a class/participant, go to the slideshow mode. Test it in advance and make sure that you have access to the notes area, because this is where the script is. It is also a good idea to run through the presentation on your own before presenting it to others, so that you are prepared for what it contains.

Good luck!

All chapters and links to presentations

The section deals with making conscious choices based on facts, interest, and conditions. It also addresses the mechanisms that guide us when making choices, and provides strategies for setting goals and steps to achieving those goals.

Open the section Dreams and goals (in Swedish) Powerpoint, 5 MB.

This section describes how the Swedish labour market has changed over time and also contains facts and statistics on, among other things, the population and secondary school programmes. The section concludes with information on various occupational areas and why there sometimes becomes a so-called mismatch in the labour market.

Open the section The labour market (in Swedish) Powerpoint, 5 MB.

Here you will find information and support for discussing professions and working life. We also present where you can find information about where jobs will be in the future, future prospects, and forecasts for different professions.

Open the section Profession and the future (in Swedish) Powerpoint, 16 MB.

We present different educational options. Should you choose to study based on interest or based on the future prospects for different professions? Do you want to go to university, folk high school, or would you instead choose a practical vocational education? We show the possibilities for everyone to study and succeed, and that it pays to study. Many people change jobs several times during their working life and it’s never too late to change paths and choose something new.

Open the section Study (in Swedish) Powerpoint, 3 MB.

This section is about highlighting the opportunities that exist to find jobs abroad. We talk about different types of jobs for young people. When offered a job abroad, it is possible to apply for reimbursement for moving and settling through Arbetsförmedlingen’s EU project Your first EURES job, now called Targeted Mobility Scheme.

Open the section Work and Study Abroad (in Swedish) Powerpoint, 3 MB.

When you are looking for a job, and when you get a job, certain rights and responsibilities are good to know. In this section, we go through some of them. It can, for example, be about what you get in salary, that you get an employment contract when you start working, and your obligation to pay taxes. And what Arbetsförmedlingen can help you with when you’re unemployed and looking for a job.

Open the section Working life (in Swedish) Powerpoint, 8 MB.


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