Find your hidden skills

Perhaps you have skills that you have acquired outside of work? Things you may not have thought of as valuable experiences. List your hidden skills.

Do this

Read the list point by point. Which of the skills apply to you? Can you think of more skills? Write them down.

Examples of skills

  • Critical thinking: You can think creatively, look at facts critically and check where information comes from.
  • Sales competence: You have experience of different sales jobs, or you are good at selling ideas to others and getting them to choose the option you present.
  • Analytical: You are good at analysing facts and drawing conclusions.
  • Problem solving: You solve problems quickly and easily. You easily come up with new ideas and new approaches.
  • Collaborative skills: You are good at teamwork and often initiate collaborations. You are able to easily understand how others can contribute.
  • Creative: You have a creative mindset and easily come up with new ideas.
  • Leadership skills: The ability to lead others.
  • Communication: You know how to communicate in speech and writing. You understand how different people communicate and adapt accordingly.
  • Planning: You are good at planning.
  • Absorb new knowledge: You are actively looking for new knowledge through, for example, books, courses, or other people. You easily absorb new information and new methods.
  • Social skills: You are good at social interaction and easily and gladly make contact with other people.
  • Digital competence: You are familiar with digital tools and channels.
  • Enterprising and driven: You are energetic and often take the initiative.
  • Intercultural competence: You have insight and knowledge of other cultures.
  • Administrative skills: You have experience of administration and are service-minded and thorough.
  • Result-oriented: You are used to measuring and presenting results. It is important to you to see the effect of the work of yourself and others.