How to apply for a jobb

Have you recently become unemployed or have you been notified that you risk losing your job? Perhaps you want to find a new job quickly or are considering changing your occupation. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Find out what occupation would suit you

Are you thinking about finding a new occupation? Answer 12 questions and get suggestions for occupations that suit you based on your interests.

Interest guide (in Swedish)

Find out more about different occupations

Here you can find out what is needed to work in different occupations and what the prospects look like.

Find an occupation (use the Google translate-function for translation)

Find the job you want

Learn to look in the right places. Not all jobs are advertised but there are many smart ways of finding vacancies. Or of getting employers to find you.

How to find the job

Write down what you know and can do in a CV

Our CV template helps you to quickly put together a good, interesting CV that will take you to the next step in the recruitment process – the interview.

Write a CV

Describe who you are

Use our tips to sharpen up your personal letter. This allows you to show that you’re the right person for the job.

Write a personal letter

Let an employer find you

If you create a jobseeker profile and upload your CV to, employers can find you. Your profile is matched with employers who are looking for exactly your skills.

Create a profile

Prepare yourself for the job interview

Tips on what to think about before, during and after the job interview. The interview is both the employer’s chance to see if you are suitable for the job and your chance to see if the job is suitable for you.

Job interview

Train for an occupation

Some occupations may need a skill that you don’t have and want to acquire. Here are some tips for various paths to training and education and ways to find suitable education or training quickly.

Choose education and training