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On our Facebook page, you can ask us questions between 8:00 and 16:00. We provide ideas and try to inspire you with tips and activities from different parts of the country. You can also share your ideas with others who follow the page.

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On the Facebook page EURES Sweden, you can talk to us about jobs abroad or about recruiting from another country. Our experts in the European labour market, EURES advisers, answer your questions between 8:00 and 16:00.

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On our YouTube channel, you can watch our video clips and programmes.

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Our Instagram account gives you inspiration and tips when you are looking for work.

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Rules and personal data

Our rules follow and are based on the social channels’ rules but have been adapted to Arbetsförmedlingen’s activities.

Our rules for social media

Things to think about when you interact with our social media::

  • Comments in this forum are visible to everyone who visits the site
  • Never give out private information such as your personal identity number
  • If anyone other than Arbetsförmedlingen answers a question, we take no responsibility for the comments
  • If you follow our page, you also consent to receive our posts in your own feed, but you can choose to stop liking the page or hide some or all of our posts at any time.

We remove inappropriate comments

If you write anything on our pages on social media, you must follow our rules. We will remove any comments that

  • Are not relevant to the page
  • Contain links that are not relevant to the page
  • Contravene Swedish law
  • Are offensive, seditious or violate the right to privacy of a private individual
  • Contain incitement against an ethnic group or defamation
  • Contain an attack or threat against persons or organisations
  • Portray violence
  • Infringe intellectual property rights
  • Are written for marketing purposes
  • Are repetitive (so-called spam)
  • Violate the social channels’ own rules, which is something we may also report to the media channel.

This means that posts must keep to factual issues, maintain a good tone and not contain swearwords. Users who do not follow Arbetsförmedlingen’s rules may be blocked.

Personal data on social media

All posts on Arbetsförmedlingen’s pages on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Arbetsförmedlingen’s posts on Twitter are public documents. This means that they can be registered and that Arbetsförmedlingen is the data controller.

Arbetsförmedlingen is not responsible for what others write on Twitter, such as personal data published by others, because Arbetsförmedlingen can only influence what is written from its own user account.

How we process your personal data

The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten – (in Swedish)